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Fascism's on the wall
by John Ray
Issue 9
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I guess most readers here will be aware that Britain too had a vigorous Fascist movement during the Hitler era. And the leader of the British Union of Fascists -- Sir Oswald Mosley -- was anything but a nonentity.

The King even came to his wedding! And Mosley originally left the British Labour party (in 1930) because it was not socialist enough! As Mosley himself said in 1968: "I am not, and never have been, a man of the right. My position was on the Left and is now in the centre of politics"

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so below are two of Mosley's posters from the 1930s. The first has the familiar "peace" motif that Leftists always use and the second will sound very familiar to Americans today. American Leftists are always claiming that it is the children of the poor who are dying in the American army in Iraq. Mosley said much the same in his time about military service in the British army.

John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) writes the Dissecting Leftism blog. He is a former member of the Australia-Soviet Friendship Society, former anarcho-capitalist and former member of the British Conservative party.

Dissecting Leftism blog

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