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Luxemburg report Luxemburg report
by Euro Reporter
2008-09-07 09:32:16
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The highest GDP

According to the European Union’s statistical office, Eurostat, the highest levels of GDP per inhabitant in the EU were registered in Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands. Eurostat data released on June 24 revealed that in terms of purchasing power parity, GDP per inhabitant in Luxembourg in 2007 was at 276 percent units followed by Ireland with 146 percent and Netherlands with 131 percent. Bulgaria stood at the bottom in EU with 38 units.

“The high level of GDP per inhabitant in Luxembourg is partly due to the large share of cross-border workers in total employment. While contributing to GDP, they are not taken into consideration as part of the resident population which is used to calculate GDP per inhabitant,” Eurostat said.
Based on first preliminary estimates for 2007, Gross Domestic Product per inhabitant expressed in Purchasing Power Standards3 (PPS) varied from 38 percent to 276 percent of the average across the EU27 Member States.

The highest GDP in the smallest sized country!!!


Kazakhstan is a generator of stability

In December 2006 during the meeting in Brussels President of Kazakhstan Nusrultan Nazarbayev invited Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, to pay official visit to Astana.

On the 25th of June 2008 the Prime Minister was welcomed at the Astana’s airport by Minister of economics and budgetary planning of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov and Deputy Foreign Minister Kairat Sarybay.

The program of the first official visit of Jean- Claude Juncker to Kazakhstan was very intensive and substantial. There was an impression that the rhythm of rapidly growing capital, which is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary, communicated to all members of the delegation that included heads of the biggest Luxembourg’s companies and European financial institutes and banks.

Foreign policy depending on hard exchange!


Switzerland, Luxembourg on taxes

Switzerland supports the EU’s aim of taxing capital yields commensurably. Federal Counselor Hans-Rudolf Merz once again stressed Switzerland’s position that this goal can be achieved by means of a paying agent tax, but not by means of an automatic exchange of information. Merz made this remark during his meeting with Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker on May 23 during a working visit.

The visit served to foster the excellent relations between the two countries as part of the framework of regular meetings. Due to the strong position of the financial centers of Switzerland and Luxembourg, the ministers noted that they shared a number of mutual interests vis-à-vis international bodies particularly concerning the paying agent tax.

Since when money is …cultural interests? Since Switzerland meets Luxemburg!

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