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Maltese report Maltese report
by Euro Reporter
2008-09-06 09:58:52
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Palestine Malta

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas convened on July 15 with his Maltese counterpart Edward Fenech Adami. During the meeting, Adami announced that the Maltese government has taken the decision to set up a diplomatic mission in Ramallah. The opening of this mission will underscore Malta’s political will to contribute to the strengthening of relations, in the spirit of mutual trust and confidence, in the pursuit of the common objective of securing peace and security in the region.

During the official dinner in honor of Abbas, Adami stated that Malta fully supports the political aspirations of the Palestinian People. Adami stressed the necessity for the Israeli side to halt settlements activities and acts that negatively affect the peace process. In his turn, Abbas briefed his counterpart on his initiative for national dialogue and effort exerted by the PNA to reach a peace that ends the conflict.

Obviously in the EU the small countries succeed where the major ones fail.


Dead immigrants

The Maltese military recovered on July 10 the bodies of three would-be immigrants, while officials described the expected arrival on the island nation of over 100 illegal immigrants as a “crisis situation.” The bodies - including that of a pregnant woman - were pulled from the water by the crew on board a military patrol boat which was returning to Malta after taking on board 25 would-be immigrants. The group, with their boat in distress, had been rescued earlier by a Maltese trawler, officials said. In a separate incident, an Italian patrol boat, operating with the European Union agency for external border security, Frontex, brought 86 would-be immigrants to Malta earlier the same today.

Pity for any human life lost like that.


Diplomacy and culture

The first in a series of Cultural and Economic Information Visits for Foreign Diplomats took place early last week in a new field tackled by the government. The aim of these visits is to give foreign diplomats resident in Malta the opportunity to visit and get to know different facets of the Maltese economy, history and culture. Officials from the Chinese, Greek, Spanish and Austrian Embassies participated in the first visit, which entailed a tour of Heritage Malta’s Conservation Division and Institute of Conservation at Bighi, followed by a visit to Actavis Malta at Bulebel Industrial Estate.

When real politik meets real culture!

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