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And that was August 2008... And that was August 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-09-01 09:07:59
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Well, that was a schizophrenic summer that has left many of us grumbling about an introvert sun that just wouldn't reveal all of its UV glory… perhaps 2009 will be better. Anyway, aside from the weather, the Ovi team had good cause to celebrate in August with the birth of Asa's second daughter, who is continuing to guzzle milk as though her life depends on it, which it does!

articlecover_400_01 August was also packed with a controversial Olympics that saw the 100m World Record smashed and Team GB have their best medal haul in 100 years. The football season began, Finnish schools reopened, Obama and McCain named their running mates, Georgia and Russia reignited the Cold War spirit, and there were three 50th birthdays - Madonna, Michael Jackson and a secret one!

Ovi's month of covers opened with a selection of digital art by Javier Velasco and our contributors didn't look back. Leah Sellers notched up a brace with an article on the Obama "Dream Weaver" Obama and also America's need to examine its sex drive. Abdulhadi Hairan scored two with an analysis of Afghanistan media before and after the Taliban and also a list of 10 known cases of men in burqas. Alexandra Pereira presented photographer Mari Hokkanen to Ovi readers before discussing why she no longer believes in sport.

Luis Alves examined the Moura renewable energies project, Alexander Mikhaylov revealed what it is like to live on Ecuador's River Guaya, Rene Wadlow reminded us that Darfur's dead will never leave us, Doug McGill told us why he writes about Ethiopia, Emanuel L. Paparella focused on the Vichian poetics of William Blake and Karl Marx, Binoy Kampmark explained how we shouldn't interpret Anti-Americanism, Christopher Wilkinson suggested the US turn back to its railway system and Gush Shalom expressed its disappointment of Barack Obama.

Along with Thanos and Asa's regular contributions, there was also a fictional contribution from Matt Williamson entitled "Battlefield Demons" and a poetic contribution from Jan Sand entitled "The Black Dog". Of course, all the aforementioned articles were the lucky few to receive an Ovi cover for their contribution and it would be remiss of me not to thank and praise each every submission that appeared on Ovi's front page throughout August… thank you!

Don't forget you are free to join the Ovi project in any way you see fit, including spreading the word!

Wrap up warm this autumn/fall,

The Ovi Team


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AP2008-09-01 17:28:39
What autumn/fall? LOL In October we can talk about that.

AP2008-09-01 17:31:41
With 27ºC I won't wrap up but in my beach towel. September is an incredible beach month. :P

AP2008-09-01 17:42:45
And you didn't even address Ovi's collaborators in the Southern Hemisphere: enjoy the Spring coming everybody! For those in Florida: happy (and relieved) end of the hurricane season! :P
ps - It's not that Alexandra no longer believes in sport, she just doesn't like to be cheated.

Asa2008-09-01 22:14:09
I stand corrected on numerous accounts!

AP2008-09-01 22:21:55
poor editor...

Asa2008-09-02 08:16:18
Can I blame sleepless nights?

AP2008-09-02 16:50:26
If you actually have them and not just Päivi, yes. :)

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