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Slovenian report Slovenian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-08-29 09:06:12
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Joining Iran?

Officials of Iran and Slovenia chambers of commerce have announced the establishment of a joint trade and economic commission in both sides’ capital cities, the Tehran Times reported. The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Zedniko Pavcek and the Secretary General of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines Javad Mossadeqi reached agreements on promotion of bilateral relations. Mossadeqi said that the establishment of the commission will prepare the ground for the sides’ private sectors to increase their activities.

He also voiced Iran’s preparedness to cooperate with Slovenia in the field of energy as well as tourism. Some 70 percent of Slovenia’s export bound products are for eastern Asia, he added, announcing that the countries’ potential is mostly in the fields of metals, auto making, chemicals, medicine, machinery, textile, and paper. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia represents the business community and provides support and advice to companies as well as a full range of professional services aimed at strengthening competitiveness of its members. The agreement came even as the United States has urged European Union countries not to do business with Iran because of that country’s growing nuclear programme.

Let’s hope that this establishment will not go to trading nuclear! And, last but not least, sometimes you must be careful of your …friends!!! You just never know!!!


Stressing ties with Russia

Speaking at the EU foreign ministers’ informal meeting at Brdo pri Kranju on March 28, General Affairs and External Relations Council of the EU (GAERC) President and Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel stressed that the European Union should consider Russia as a whole, and further explained that both sides are interested in strengthening cooperation, particularly in the economic sphere. In the modern world interconnectedness and strategic partnership are required in other fields as well, namely regarding resolving international issues in the common neighborhood and increasing security, peace and stability, the EU Council Presidency said.

With regard to energy, Minister Rupel noted that the existing and new energy routes should provide increased security and ensure a smooth energy supply to the EU, regarding which the EU gives priority to diversification.

It seems that energy is the strongest exchange for Russian currency at the moment!!!


Signing with Romania

Luka Koper, the manager of Slovenia’s sole seaport, and the Romanian port of Constantza signed an agreement on cooperation, officials said. The deal, signed by Luka Koper CEO Robert Casar and Romanian Transport Ministry State Secretary Barna Tanczos is to boost Koper’s vision to become a leading Central and SE European port.

That’s very ambitious, but Slovenia can manage as they have proved in the past and become one of the leading ports.

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