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Dutch Report Dutch Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-08-14 09:49:14
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Energy bills soar an average 8%

Energy costs for an average household have risen 8% in the last year according to figures from the national statistics office CBS published last week. Annual gas and electricity bills are now €1,869, some €144 higher than 12 months ago, says the CBS. Last week the CBS said the five-year-high in the inflation rate is mainly due to energy costs.

But consumers could save several hundred Euros a year by shopping around for gas and electricity, reports the daily newspaper Financieele Dagblad. The paper quotes a half-year review by Prizewize which compares around 330 fixed and variable energy contracts offered by over 20 suppliers. Some energy suppliers increased their prices by 60% in the first six months of the year, claims Prizewize.

Meanwhile, the environment ministry has confirmed that two-thirds of the projects for new wind parks are being delayed because of objections from local people who fear they will reduce the value of their homes. The ministry looked at the progress of 214 wind power projects. ‘It is positive that so many projects are being developed but there is still a lot of work to be done to get public support,’ a ministry spokesman said.

Perhaps it is time to find energy from …tulips or better …windmills!


Haarlem claims printing press first

Haarlem mayor Bernt Schneiders has written to the mayor of Beijing pointing out that the printing press is not a Chinese invention, as claimed in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

It is a 'generally known fact' that printing was invented by Laurens Janszoon Coster around 1400 AD, Schneiders wrote in his letter. China claims Bi Sheng first printed Chinese characters in the 11th century.

Please …stop laughing!!! The Dutch Silk Road!!!


Criticizing green lobby research

MPs from both the coalition Christian Democrats and opposition right-wing Liberals (VVD) have urged the environment minister Jacqueline Cramer to stop subsidizing green lobby groups claiming they do not carry out their research properly.

The retail council said this weekend that poor research by Milieudefensie into the origin of wood used to make garden furniture could damage retailers. 'Let them find their own funding,' said VVD MP Charlie Aptroot.

Why I am not surprised when claims like that are coming from the Christian Democrats? I suppose for them praying is enough to save the environment!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-08-14 15:10:23
If that's what they think then they have made a caricature of both democracy and Christianity; they are neither Christians who understand stewardship of the earth as being integral part of being a Christian)nor democrats who understand that we are all in this together.

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