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Irish Report Irish Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-07-18 09:53:49
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Airport radar meltdown due to 'faulty' component

A malfunctioning network card, a component that allows computers to communicate with each other, was blamed for the €100m radar system meltdown at Dublin Airport last week that resulted in tens of thousands of passengers stranded or delayed. Thales ATM, the air traffic management company that developed the hardware, said it was the first time such an incident has happened.

Air traffic controllers manually shut down computer displays when codes which identify incoming aircraft malfunctioned twice in two hours. Data showing the location, height and speed of approaching planes disappeared from screens for 10 minutes each time. “Thales ATM stated that in 10 similar air traffic control Centres worldwide with over 500,000 flight hours (50 years), this is the first time an incident of this type has been reported.”

It is a terrifying thought that one faulty computer chip could result in such chaos and such incredible danger to passengers and flight crew. You can't help but admire the sleight of hand in some of the news broadcasts that ended with a spokeswomen distracting us from the "oh my God!" focus of the story to blaming the weather for contributing to flight delays.

* * * * * * * *

Gilmore slams Sarkozy comments as 'unhelpful'

Ireland's labour party leader Eamon Gilmore has criticised the French President Nicolas Sarkozy for saying that Ireland needs to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - Mr Gilmore described Mr Sarkozy's comments as ‘unhelpful’.

He said it will not be possible for President Sarkozy to get a full understanding of why Ireland rejected Lisbon during a six hour visit next week. Deputy Gilmore said the Government must insist that Ireland's decision on the treaty is respected.

President Nicolas Sarkozy certainly believes in the phrase "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" because after applying it to marriage he is now forcing it upon the Irish public.

* * * * * * * *

Figures show doubling in personal injuries court cases

The number of personal injuries cases before Ireland's High Court more than doubled last year, according to the latest figures from the Courts Service. The service says almost 6,000 such cases came before the courts in 2007, compared to 2,673 in 2006. Earlier this year, the board said it had dealt with 8,200 cases in 2007, up from 5,573 the previous year.

If you don't think the world is in the grips of compensation culture then you have probably been in an accident at work and need to call this freephone number… no win, no fee, no hope for society or those who really do need financial aid.

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Irish electricity consumption up 2% last year

Eirgrid, the company that manages Ireland's National Grid, has said that electricity consumption increased by more than 2% last year, which equates to 28,000 gigawatt hours used in 2007. It is also expressing concern that the number of new wind farms connecting to the grid was a lot less than expected during the year.

It says renewable energy sources currently account for just 10% of all electricity generated, but Ireland is still on track to achieve the target of 33% by 2020.

Let's just hope that this doesn't sway the pro nuclear argument and results in Ireland building their first reactor.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-07-18 13:00:04
Mr. Sarkozy has proposed a "council of the wise" to solve the conundrum of a EU Constitution with no common spiritual values and no cultural glue. It wuold be wiser by far that when he visits Ireland he listen carefully to what his Irish fellow-Europeans have to say on that subject and perhaps reflect on C.S. Lewis' poem "After Aristotle," before designating such a council of the wise. Not to do so is to risk ending up with a council of fools complete with misguided intellectual assumptions.

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