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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2008-07-11 08:51:02
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Conspiracy theories

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo leads with the Boric Acid case verdict where four police technicians have been found not guilty of a crime when they allegedly changed reports on the Madrid train bombings which attempted to link the explosions to ETA.

The paper headlines that the Forensic Police were ‘untruthful’ by not linking ETA to the March 11th case. It’s another attempt to resurrect the conspiracy theory. El Mundo says the sentence in the case establishes that a report was altered in an irregular way – an inadequate way and improper of any official body – but it was not a crime. Rubalcaba says that the sentence ends the ‘nightmare for four honest policemen’.

El País headlines the judges destroy the latest conspiracy theory over March 11th 2004. The paper says that court has ruled that to name ETA in relation to the Boric Acid was ‘mere speculation without foundation’. The four accused policemen have been found not guilty. Público says it’s another blow to the conspiracy theorists.

The Spanish press has caught up with the headlines in the British press yesterday regarding the number of dishes – 19 – served at the G8 summit on world hunger. El Mundo shows George Bush perusing the menu. El País shows the G8 bigwigs planting trees against climate change. Público leads with the story and says hunger is no problem for the G8. The paper prints a copy of the menu.

What's missing from Spanish life is some conspiracy theories!!!


Real’s boss

The Chairman of Barcelona Football Club is being urged to resign at a board meeting. The board of Barcelona football club has been meeting late into the night to discuss the future of club chairman Juan Laporta. He lost a motion of no confidence with a 60% vote against him earlier, but the vote was not binding as it did not reach 66%. Laporta has said he has no intention of resigning despite being urged to do so by the board.

Under the structure of the club, if 14 of the 18 board members resign, then Laporta will also have to go. He will preside over a new board meeting tomorrow and reports indicate that at least eight board members will try and get him to use the occasion to present his resignation.

Believe it or not, his failure to bring Manchester United player Ronaldo to Real was the worst thing against him!


The Crisis word

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero referred to the economic slowdown as a crisis during a TV interview in Spain. The Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has finally used the ‘crisis’ word referring to the current economic situation. He said ‘During this crisis, there will be many people who have no difficulty at all’.

It comes after weeks of Zapatero denying that there was a crisis preferring to use expressions such as the ‘harsh adjustment of the economy’. Zapatero refused to enter into a debate on the term, despite the insistence of the programme’s three presenters. During the programme the Prime Minister also revealed that he had not ticked the box on his income tax form to send money to the Catholic Church, but that he respected the people who chose to do so. He also said that the plans from Juan José Ibarretxe to hold a referendum on self-determination in the Basque Country was a ‘pure election strategy’.

Man, in a crisis like this everybody has difficulties!!!

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