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Czech Report Czech Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-07-08 10:16:32
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Protests for Klánovice golf course

Some 100 people gathered to protest against a plan to rebuild a pre-war golf course in Klánovice near Prague last Thursday.

I presume what bothered them was that the Nazis had other uses for it?


A radar deal despite opposition

The Czech Republic and the United States will sign a treaty on Tuesday to build missile defense radar on Czech soil despite opposition at home and in Russia. Washington wants to build the radar southwest of Prague and put 10 interceptor rockets in neighboring Poland as a part of a defense shield it says will protect the United States and European allies from threats from "rogue states" such as Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will sign the deal in Prague, but the plan faces some hurdles. Talks with Poland have so far failed over Warsaw's demands for U.S. finance to help modernize its army, and the Czech treaty will face opposition in parliament. The Czech government said the shield would offer further protection on the top of the country's NATO and EU membership. "Missile technology is spreading around the world," Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg told Reuters. "The threat is not totally acute, but one has to prepare in time."

Russia sees the shield as a threat, and has said it will aim its nuclear missiles at central Europe if the shield is deployed. The United States says the 10 rockets are no match for Russia's nuclear arsenal. Analysts say that bases in the former Soviet bloc would raise U.S. security interest in the region at a time when Russia grows more assertive about its role on the global scene.

This missile umbrella has already caused a lot of controversy in Poland and other east European countries mainly because the target is not very clear, how can they protect from the east terrorist targeting ….Russia?


Foreign drug addicts

More and more drug addicts from Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union are arriving in Prague, Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote Friday adding that their ranks further swell at the weekends when addicts from the Central Bohemian Region join them. The number of foreigners cannot be specified since many of them stay in the country illegally, MfD writes."The number of foreigners with whom we come in contacts has greatly increased over the past one and a half years," MfD quotes Vojtech Janouskovec, from Progressive association, as saying.

Serious diseases are spread among the Russian-speaking addicts, MfD writes. "In Prague there is a Russian-speaking group with a high incidence of hepatitis C and HIV infection cannot be ruled be out either," MfD quotes Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem as saying. This has been confirmed by the results of a survey conducted among Russian-speaking drug addicts by the centre for drug addiction of the Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, MfD writes. Tomas Zabransky, from the centre, wrote in the report that the incidence of blood-transmitted infectious diseases is much higher in the surveyed group than among Czech intravenous drug addicts, MfD writes. Out of the 59 surveyed drug addicts, two were HIV-positive, 83 percent or 49 persons had hepatitis C.
Experts say most of the Russian-speaking addicts are probably infected already when they arrive in the Czech Republic.

Poles and Slovaks often arrive in the Czech Republic because their countries apply a relatively big repression. A part of the people seeks work in the Czech Republic and when they fail to find it, they end up among drug addicts, MfD writes. Street workers who exchange used syringes, however, run into language problems and cultural differences in contact with foreigners, the paper writes. Drug addicts from eastern countries are usually untrustworthy and talk about sex is taboo for them, Janouskovec told MfD.

It seems that we never learn and it is naïve and easy to blame foreigners or Rock & Roll for our problems and the best thing the Czech state has to do is find a way to stop the expansion of drugs among the young people than blame the foreigners for a problem most of the industrial western countries face.

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