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Hungarian Report Hungarian Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-06-23 08:28:17
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Hungarians regret Irish 'No'

Hungary, which became the first European Union country to ratify the Lisbon Treaty on EU reforms, has said that it "regrets" the fact that that Irish voters have rejected the treaty, but believes that the outcome of the referendum does not necessarily mean the end of the document. Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said that the Irish decision was a “great-great trouble” on Monday (June 16).

He added that this would distract the EUs attention from the really important issues, as it will try to cope with administrative ones instead. Irish voters last week rejected the reform treaty by 53.4% to 46.6%. Ireland was the only EU member state to seek public opinion on the Lisbon Treaty through a national referendum, as it would have to have amended its own constitution to accommodate the treaty; all the other 26 states either have, or are due to, ratify it through parliament.

I suppose this is your destiny when you are the first to make a …mistake! Defend it!


Role models rewarded

The Pannon Role Model Foundation, backed by the country's second largest mobile telco, awarded its latest clutch of citizen-heroes on Monday, June 9. The latest role models – the 14th batch to have been honored – are a head teacher of an integrated model school in the Pest urban district of Józsefváros; a child psychologist who takes children with cancer on holiday; and the re-founder of the Baár-Madas Reformed Church Grammar School. Pál Szontagh, was just 29-years- old when he was selected to be the head of the Vajda Péter Elementary School of Music and Physical Education. Within the walls of the school in the Budapest district of Józsefváros, the teaching is integrated, meaning that, of the 450 pupils, 139 are disadvantaged and 48 are severely disadvantaged. The institution was renamed the Vajda Péter Elementary School of Music and Sports this year. Márta Bakos-Tóth is the manager of the Bakonyszücs Rehabilitation Home for Children with Cancer. A child psychologist, she created her therapy home in 1989, where every year many hundreds of children with cancer and their parents have the opportunity to spend a week’s holiday, free of charge. She herself worked out the therapeutic methods.

István Bibó, the head teacher of the Sylvester János Protestant Grammar School, is also the resurrecting force behind the Baár-Madas Reformed Church Grammar School. His aim has been to provide students with a Christian education, as well as modern instruction, primarily based on biblical foundations and the pedagogical traditions of Hungarian Protestantism. “Our role models are invisible heroes who are fighting for true causes; besides all this, they live through their good work neither as victims nor as a heroes,” explained Dr Emese Majorosi, Pannon’s Press and Information

Role models, the necessity of every nation!


Gay pride parade

Budapest Police (BRFK) briefly banned this year’s gay pride parade last Wednesday (June 11), but lifted its block the following day, due to the general outrage, the decision sparked. BRFK chief commander Gábor Tóth told national newswire MTI on Wednesday, in explaining the decision to withhold the permit that that the parade would block major routes in the city.

Some 15 gay organizations signed a protest against the BRFK-decision, pointing out that this year’s parade follows the exact same route approved in previous years. Police chiefs said their issue was not with the gay parade itself, but the “security risk” it implied. Gay pride parades are usually accompanied by far rightist counter-demonstrations, and last year’s parade ended up with some violent incidents. Socialist (MSzP) MEP Katalin Lévai said the ban was “unacceptable,” as it would deprive a significant minority of the chance to present itself. Budapest mayor Gábor Demszky also stood up for the parade, saying “at a time of frequent attacks against minorities, an event like the parade should be supported by all democrats,” and added that he would personally join the march. Other NGOs such as the Hungarian Helsinki Committee also joined the protests, saying that the ban was neither legitimate, nor constitutional. Hours later, police officials announced the withdrawal of the parade ban.

Obviously not a ..Gay time for everybody!!!

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