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Danish reporter Danish reporter
by Euro Reporter
2008-06-18 08:05:26
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Parents arrested

Police say that parents who brought their daughters to Sudan to be circumcised are arrested as they plan to bring their third daughter for operation. Two Danish citizens of Sudanese origin have been arrested and charged with aiding their daughters' circumcision in Sudan. Police say that the assault on the girls, now aged 9 and 11, took place in the summer of 2003.

During this time, the parents brought their two girls to their homeland and got a third person to remove the outer female genitalia. The case is the first of its kind her in Denmark. 'We don't have any knowledge of other similar cases,' said Ove Dahl of the Copenhagen police.

He said that the police were notified by social services. The 49-year-old father and 40-year-old mother were also charged with attempting to have their third daughter, aged 5, operated on. Police said that the third daughter was to be brought to Sudan next month. The mother was held in custody for eight days. Both parents have pleaded not guilty.

It must be a European law to protect all these girls since this case is not the first and is definitely not the last in Europe, and not all the European countries have the necessary laws.


Jailed Dane in Libya

A Libyan-born Danish citizen has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for criticizing the Libyan government and supporting democratic reforms. Jamal al-Haji was born and raised in Libya but became a Danish citizen after marrying a Danish woman. He went back to Libya in 2001 to work in the public sector and subsequently began writing about the country’s internal corruption and calling for government reforms.

Al-Haji and 13 other activists were arrested prior to taking part in a planned peaceful demonstration in Tripoli in February 2006 and charged with treason. He has been in police custody since then. According to rights organization Human Rights Watch, the sentence was handed down on Monday by a special court housed within Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison. The arrest of al-Haji and the other activists was strongly condemned by the organization and also Amnesty International, which has called for the European Union to confront Libya over the matter.

Lars Thuesen, head of citizen services at the Foreign Ministry, said his office has repeatedly attempted to take up the case with the Libyan authorities. He added that the EU has also tried three times to intervene in the matter. Human rights groups have accused the EU of going too easy on Libya over the matter because of the union’s current pursuit of a major political and economic partnership with the country. But Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has previously threatened to block that co-operation if Denmark was not allowed to contact and provide assistance to al-Haji.

In the end nothing changes in Libya despite all the speeches and travel of Gaddafi!


For more …unemployment?

National Bank Governor Niels Bernstein warns that this is a precarious situation as a minimum of 50,000 unemployed is needed to balance the Danish economy. Just fewer than 50,000 people are unemployed in Denmark, or 1.8 percent of the workforce. 'If unemployment doesn't increase within the coming year, then it will come at us from outside and we will get it the hard way, namely that we will lose our competitive edge in relation to the outside world,' Bernstein said.

One of the biggest problems for the Danish economy is high inflation, which is driven by the historic highs in oil and food prices. The goal for inflation in euro-zones two percent. In Denmark, it is currently three percent and rising. Claus Hjort Frederiksen, the employment minister, called Bernstein's statement 'deeply shocking'.

And what …did his doctor say?

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