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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-05-30 09:10:43
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Austria to sell railway lines

If you ever thought or wanted to buy a railway line in Austria, this might be the right time for you. The Austrian Federal Railways offer some of its railway lines for sale.

Following railway lines can be bought: Breitstetten to Orth on the Danube River (from 0, 00 km to 5,857 km). The line from Klein St. Paul-Wietersdorf (17.800 km) to Launsdorf-Hüttenberg (20.500 km).

From Siebenbrunn to Lepoldsdorf on to Engelhartstetten (0,400 km to 22,428 km), and the Lower Austrian railway track from Leobersdorf-Traisen to Weissenbach-Neuhaus-Hainfeld (19,610 km to 43,450 km).

What do they mean …buy a railway line? Is it like Monopoly? Do I get rent as well?


A 30 year old woman destroyed a …police office

A 30-year-old doctor’s assistant from the Carinthian town of Landskron destroyed the police office in Velden. The woman was quite upset about a parking ticket, and gave vent to her feelings in a very emotional way.

She threw papers and documents against the walls, and damaged police property. When she left the police office, she also attacked a police car with her feet.

The policemen were quite surprised about such a passionate Carinthian woman. This was probably the reason she was not put into prison. She left the place without any problems. Interesting detail of the case: the parking ticket was not issued by the police, but by a private security service.

That will definitely make policemen more aware the next time they think to give a …parking ticket!


A nine year old legally got a …real gun!

A little boy of 9 years from the Lower Austrian town of Baden was able to buy a gun. His mother could not believe her eyes when she saw her son playing with an armed weapon. When she took the firearm, and wanted to bring it back to the shop, she could not believe her ears. The salesman doesn’t want to give her the money back.

Only after the intervention of the official representation of employees in Lower Austria, the salesman had an understanding, took his gun back, and repaid the whole sum of the purchase money to the mother. The official representation of employees is upset about the law in Lower Austria. 9-year-old children should not be allowed to buy such weapons.

After the nursing bottle, a Magnum .45 is definitely what a kid is missing!

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