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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2008-05-28 07:53:28
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Lesbian wins right to adopt her partner's child

Vanesa de la Heras started legal action against the family judge, Fernando Ferrin Calamita, alleging that he had been maliciously delaying her case. The first instance court 9 in Murcia finally granted the right to adapt to local lesbian, Vanesa de la Heras. She had started legal action against the right wing judge of the family court, Fernando Ferrín Calamita, claiming that he had maliciously delayed her case.

Her partner, Susana Meseguer, gave birth after IVA treatment, and the couple wanted that Vanesa was also an official adoptive parent of the child, Candela. The court yesterday ruled that it was in the child’s interest that the adoption be granted given the family stability and the personal, social and economic situation of the couple. The couple got married in 2005 ahead of the decision to have a child. Meanwhile in court on May 2, Judge Calamita denied that he had acted maliciously in the case because of his religious beliefs.

Change will definitely come but obviously it is going to be a very slow processs, since a whole society has to accept new facts.


Fighting jellyfish on the Costa del Sol

Boats will start catching the jellyfish off the beaches from June 1.
The government says it is to spend 300,000 € on trying to stop jellyfish from arriving on Costa del Sol beaches this year. The amount is a 20% increase on last season, and comes ahead of predictions of ‘massive numbers’ this year, although the cool May could have an effect in reducing numbers according to some experts.

Generally though, experts agree that climate change and other environmental factors mean that jellyfish are set to become a regular feature of summer on the coast. Four boats will start to catch the jellyfish off the Costa del Sol from June 1, concentrating on clearing and protecting the areas which are popular with bathers.

And I have to admit that I hate …swimming surrounded by jellyfish!


Stabbed in the neck and saved by surgeons

The 40 year old was stabbed with a kitchen knife by her partner who remains at large.
Surgeons have saved the life of a 40 year old Dominican Republic woman who was found with a kitchen knife buried in her neck up to the hilt, some ten centimeters.

Doctors say she was very lucky as the blade missed important blood ways and also missed nerves of the back, despite being inserted from behind. It happened at her home in the Vallecas part of the city and the aggressor is thought to be the man with whom she shares her home. He is yet to be arrested. She is now recovering in the Gregorio Marañón Hospital, where she is in a serious condition but out of danger, provided there are no complications.

Doctors definitely stabbed her back to life!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-05-28 09:00:11
On the first anecdote: the changes that came to the Roman Empire were very slow but when the social deaease had taken its course it was realized that the changes had not been for the better but for the worst. Is there a lesson there that needs to be still learned?

Alexandra Pereira2008-05-28 12:33:59
Yes, change is coming at least in Spain. In Portugal gays and lesbians can't even get married (they have to go to Spain to do so) and talking about gay and lesbian adoption is still impossible with most people. I hate those prejudices and misinformation.

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