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Latvian Report Latvian Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-05-19 09:00:55
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The need for Father's Day

Latvian Children and Family Affairs Minister Ainars Bastiks has highlighted the need to introduce Father’s Day in Latvia, after congratulating families on the first Latvian Family Day (May 15).

Bastiks believes that true traditional family cannot be imagined without a mother and a father, where each of the parents provides a role model for their gender and help children grow up more balanced. "We approve of the mothers. Now, the Family Day is a holiday as well. Yet, the father has still been left unnoticed and underestimated. To correct the situation and give approving evaluation to the fathers that perform their duties with love and conscience, a new tradition of Father's Day celebrations should be introduced in Latvia," Bastiks said.

It is strange in the 21st century that the idea of mother and father should be celebrated when there are so many children being cared for my people other than a mother or father. It actually makes more sense to eliminate the individual days and focus only on the idea of family. Latvia should avoid the change and continue to build upon the excellent idea of Family Day.

* * * * * * * * *

Over 170,000 Latvian signatures collected to amend Latvian pension law

The proposed amendments to raise minimum pensions to the level of Latvia's subsistence minimum have been given strong backing following the collection of more than 170,000 signatures in support of the draft amendments to Latvia's pension law.

Preliminary results suggest that the number of signatures collected in the campaign has topped the necessary minimum by 20,000. It was necessary to collect at least 149,064 signatures of eligible voters or 10 percent of Latvia's voting population during last general election to initiate the legislative procedure.

It is hardly surprising that there is overwhelming support to increase the minimum pension levels and it will now be hard for those against the proposition to fight it. The elderly and children are often the victims of bureaucracy, each unable to raise their voice against the drone of lawmakers and politicians.

* * * * * * * * *

Square of Latvia in Peru unveiled

Latvian President Valdis Zatlers recently participated in the unveiling of Latvia Square in the Peruvian capital city of Lima. The Square of the Republic of Latvia was unveiled in a ceremony and Zatlers spoke about Latvian-Peruvian ties and prospects of stepping up the exchange, especially emphasizing the important role of cultural and personal contacts.

"Although Latvia and Peru are separated by thousands of kilometres, this geographical obstacle has lost relevance in the era of globalization. It is shown by the many Latvian tourists that have been choosing Peru -- a country rich in outstanding cultural and historical monuments and unique heritage of ancient civilizations -- as the destination of their vacation trips increasingly often in recent years. Latvian business people, too, have already gotten familiar with Peru as a rapidly growing economy whose cooperation opportunities are far from being exhausted," the Latvian president said.

There are few better examples of just how small our globe has become at times with countries, such as Peru and Latvia, strengthening diplomatic, social and cultural ties with another. This must be a form of micro-globalistaion…

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Valdis Freimantāls2013-04-16 10:10:43
Loti aktuāla tēma. Baštika sapŗāts var glābt Latvijas Kultūru !

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