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"My Niece in Zimbabwe"
by Emmanuel Sigauke
2008-05-24 08:41:38
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I just hear you eloped
green, unschooled,
a shrub to scrub

sweep and weep
when they know
you are grim on the screen
of decency turning indecent
when they see
the softness
of a plum pruned with curiosity
long before you learned to bud and bloom.
Eyes will glare with desire
mouths will water—
dominions of domestic demands
will suck the sap
of youth, squeeze the green
until you see
the doors
of abandoned opportunity

You have eloped
vexed by vacuum
viewed by verve
in a youth driven
not by love, not by care, not by culture,
only clouds of smoke
off the steam of skims
to drill and drain the Opportunity.

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AP2008-05-24 12:07:19
Sad poem, Emmanuel

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