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Romanian Report Romanian Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-05-04 09:58:06
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Bucharest City Hall

Bucharest City Court rejected Sorin Oprescu’s contestation of BEM decision. Oprescu still has one more chance, to take his case to the Court of Appeals. Of the 27 candidates for Bucharest City Hall, the Electoral Municipal Bureau (BEM) accepted only 17, but not any of them is independent.

“There were 27 candidacies, of which 24 from political parties and three independent. Of the 24, 17 were admitted and seven turned down. The candidacies of the three independents were rejected,” BEM President, Marino Marin, declared. For the General Council of Bucharest (CGMB), 25 lists of candidacies were submitted, but 20 were partially admitted.

Besides the three independents who were turned down, Cornel Cernoschi, Sorin Oprescu and Nicolae Toteanu, BEM also invalidated the candidacies of Ion Brad (“Pro Patria” Party); Mihaela Neagu (National Christian Democrat Party); Alexandru Mironov (Romanian Socialist Party); George Gibescu (International League of the Romanians); Victor Dumitrescu (Romanian Ecologist Party); Dumitru Radescu (Romania’s Renaissance Party); and Aurel Radescu (People’s Party from Romania).

Obviously the Romanian economic inflation goes down, while politicians’ inflation goes …sky high!!!


Basescu meets Gaz de France CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Gaz de France, Jean-Francois Cirelli, yesterday was received by the Romanian Head of State, Traian Basescu, greeting him with the wish ‘Live Well!’, in Romanian, according to ‘The Money Channel.’ In the opening of the talks, the President of Gaz de France thanked the Romanian President for his support. Mr. Basescu spoke about the talks he had had with France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

After meeting with his French counterpart in Bucharest, last February, Traian Basescu said they both agreed for French state-owned company Gaz de France to become a partner in the Nabucco project, with Romania to be the advocate of this association. The announcement came amid Turkey’s opposition to Gaz de France joining the group of companies involved with the Nabucco gas pipeline project, given France’s stand on genocide accusations against Armenian population. Therefore, Turkey’s energy minister conveyed that six partners are enough for the project to unfold, yet, a seventh partner, a natural gas producer country, might be included. With no prospects to become part of the Nabucco project, Gaz de France made a veiled threat it would join Russian project South Stream, a means for putting pressure on European partners to eventually accept the French company joining the project aimed at reducing EU’s reliance on Russian gas.

Live well, more money coming …old allies becoming …new allies; things are definitely changing in Romania!


A hundred years the Writers Union

he Writers Union of Romania (USR) marked yesterday a hundred years of existence by a festive symposium held at the Hall of Mirrors. Attending the festivities, President Traian Basescu brought homage to the outstanding personalities of the Romanian literature while also thanking writers for ‘what they are and for what they do to support Romanian culture.’

In his speech, the Head of State indicated that Romania could become better known through its writers, but he did admit to the fact that fine artists or musicians tend to be better known abroad while writers are central figures in their countries.’

‘I am convinced that Romania could be better known and appreciated through its writers as I am convinced that a book policy is an investment that is very much needed for the sake of education. I believe that a politician needs not say grand words about writers, I think a politician’s responsibility is to praise them and to recognize the fact that, without literature, so many people’s lives would be so much poorer,’ Traian Basescu said, quoted by Rompres.

The President noted his difficulty in speaking a literary language, meaning not a political language. The Head of State mocked at the language mistakes made by his political opponents, but did not forget about his daughter, Elena Basescu, either: ‘for a politician coming from a world of, or to address an audience of writers. I will try to speak correctly and not to represent those I was referring to earlier (an allusion to some very publicized language mistakes made by District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie, his daughter, Elena Basescu, and Senator Sorin Oprescu, in this author – our note),’ Basescu added.

He emphasized the central place occupied by literature and writers in the edification of the modern Romanian culture. ‘I believe this centrality to be motivated by the indissoluble connection between writers and the language of the literature in which they write and by their contribution to every stage of the formation of national consciences. It was the writers who founded the Romanian Academy, who made a decisive contribution to the emergence of the Romanian print media, who accompanied great politicians during great times of our history. A hundred years of writers’ trade is a lot to all of us,’ the president explained. In the context, the head of state drew the attention onto the need to support and promote Romanian literature, to help it communicate with other literatures and with readers of other languages by translations.

I hope the union doesn’t include the old joke Mrs. Ceausescu!!! For the ones who don’t have short memory she considered herself an author among other things!!!

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