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And that was April... And that was April...
by The Ovi Team
2008-05-01 10:12:31
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The fluffy lambs are leaping about in the meadows, the flowers are blooming and the sun has gained some self-confidence, if I was a betting man I'd wager that spring had arrived in the Northern Hemisphere - apologies to the winter-bound antipodes!

Here we all are for another Ovi front covers monthly issue, but brace your self because there has been a re-design of the pages. We'd appreciate any feedback on the new layout - both positive and negative, but always constructive!

The new issue welcomes four new contributors to Ovi beginning with Vesa Kuosmanen's "Twins, Not Clones" in which he interviews Tegan Quin, Tegan and Sara. Binoy Kampmark made his debut with an article on religion in America, Jarkko Vaheristo inspired us to read Terry Pratchett and we welcome Dimitra Karantzeni, a young Greek girl writing in her native language.

This month Valerie Sartor and Akli Hadid managed to collect a hat-trick of covers, while nine other Ovi team members each picked up a single each. Emanuel L. Paparella wrote about Carl Gustav Jung, Clint Wayne celebrated the birthday of the Sydney Opera House designer, Linda Lane asked us to free Tibet by standing up, Juliette Roques returned with a new instalment of Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki, Tahir Khan returned to the Ovi fold after a long absence with an article on Dr. Ambedkar and Leah Sellers tackled the question 'What does it mean to be an American?.

Jari Martikainen and Nunobark both returned with follow-up exhibitions, one offering more illustrations and the other sharing his photography, both of which impressed our readers, plus the Ovi Team promoted a stand-up comedy show entitled 'Jesus in Guantanamo'.

Asa picked up covers for his "Hollywood OAPs" article, as well as "Disabling the disabled", "Betting on addiction" and "Killing the death penalty". Thanos wrote for International Children's Day, Earth Day and Panathinaikos' 100th birthday, plus articles on Iraq, doping in sport and the US Elections.

April was a great month for articles in general, so, after you have browsed through the PDF, why not take a look back on our pages and read all the other submissions that sadly didn't receive a cover?

Roll on May!

The Ovi Team


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