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Finn report Finn report
by Euro Reporter
2008-05-01 10:12:03
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Intentionally Infecting with HIV

A district court has ruled that a Rovaniemi man intentionally infected five women with HIV. The ruling furthermore said that he is guilty of attempting to infect several others. In an interim judgment, handed down on Monday, the Rovaniemi district court dropped three other charges against the man, two of aggravated assault stemming from alleged attempts to infect two women, and one of sexual abuse.

The remaining charges intentionally infecting five women were ruled as proven. The original charges against the 25 year-old man included five cases of aggravated assault by intentionally passing on the HI virus and 16 more counts of attempting to infect others. Sentencing and a determination of compensation to victims will be set after a psychological evaluation.

What can you say about a case like this? One thing for is sure, how much lack of information there is regarding HIV, even his need for revenge to humanity starts from this lack of information.


Drug Patients Take Hospital Beds

The number of patients receiving treatment for drug abuse in health centers and hospitals has increased in recent years. The rising demand for beds has meant that senior citizens have not had access to the care they need. According to figures recently released by Centre for Research and Development of Welfare and Health, STAKES, indicate that in 2006 health centers and hospitals treated more than 21,000 Finns for drug abuse. The majority of patients admitted for such treatment were in the 21 - 64 year old age group.

At the same time increasing numbers of senior citizens seeking treatment at hospitals and health centers have had to queue for beds. At the state level, rehabilitating patients have also commanded most of the beds available since the year 2004.

I feel like there is a sense of prejudice in this research, that some people take drugs doesn’t mean that they are less ill than others. On the contrary, probably the amount of help they need is much higher and we should give it to them under any cost. I have the feeling that we focus to the wrong edge, police and state have the problem if there are more drugs on the streets not hospitals.


Shifting Email Services

Sonera's Finland operations are moving email services to servers in Finland in order to avoid possible snooping by Sweden's defense establishment. Sonera is shifting email services from servers located in Sweden for about half a million Finnish customers, the vast majority of them private individuals. It hopes to have the move completed by 8 AM Monday morning.

The move has been prompted by the Swedish government's proposed law which would allow the National Defense Radio Establishment to intercept all electronic communications passing the national border. Once services are relocated to Finland, emails between Finnish clients will not cross the border with Sweden and not be subject to possible legal interception by the Swedish military.

Now it might sound stupid, but are emails safer in Finland? But the major question is where the protection for privacy is? Do they check post office mail as well?

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