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Slovenian report Slovenian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-04-12 09:23:28
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EU membership good for Slovenia

Over 72% of Slovenians or 9% more than two years ago, believe that the country's membership of the EU is good for Slovenia, according to a public opinion survey presented at the Ljubljana's Faculty of Social Sciences on Tuesday.

The poll on national and international safety that was carried out by the faculty's Institute of Social Sciences also found that the number of those supporting Slovenia's membership of NATO was up by some 2% to 53.1%. On the other hand, the support for Slovenia's cooperation in peacekeeping missions dropped from 57% in 2005 to 45%. Researcher Ljubica Jalusic said that low support questions the legitimacy of Slovenia's taking part in this mission. Almost 70% of respondents said that Slovenia ought to withdraw from a peacekeeping mission in case of casualties.

Some 45% of Slovenians believe that the EU should only intervene if all member states agreed with the intervention, while 38% think a consensus of the majority of member states is enough to deploy EU forces. Furthermore, 22% of respondents said that Slovenia should always take part in EU military interventions, while 58% believed Slovenia should only take part when the intervention is in the country's interest, Professor Anton Bebler said. When asked whether they felt safe, 78% said they did, which was 2% less than two years ago. Slovenians feel most threatened by traffic crashes, crime and drugs, the survey suggested.

The support of the Slovenian public for the armed forces has been growing constantly for the last five years. As many as 53% of those questioned said the Slovenian army was operating well, which was 4% more than in 2005. Most respondents were critical of military equipment acquisitions. Some 53% believe that parliament's oversight of the purchases was adequate, while 56% believe that decisions were not made in a responsible way. Almost 70% believe that those involved in the deals abused them for personal gain. The survey included 1,010 respondents from Slovenia and was conducted between 16 October and 16 November 2007.




Regional GDP in W Slovenia High

The regional GDP per capita in W Slovenia in 2005 amounted to 104.7% of the EU average, while GDP in E Slovenia reached only 71.6% of average EU GDP, shows a statistical comparison published by Eurostat.

The Eurostat survey divided the EU into 271 regions, and apart from eastern part of Slovenia, 68 other Eurostat regions have their GDP under 75% of the EU average. Slovenia's average GDP amounted to some 87% of the EU GDP in 2005. The survey shows that inhabitants of Inner London had the highest GDP at 303% of EU average, while NE Romania placed last with 24% of EU average.

Good news for a poor country and a lot of effect from the people.



Slovenians happy

Slovenians are the most satisfied among the 2004 EU newcomers, as 87% of the respondents in the latest Eurobarometer survey said they were happy with their lives, a 4 percentage points drop over the spring edition of the survey. Slightly over a quarter (26%) of Slovenians believe that their lives in the next twelve months will improve, 8 percentage points down compared to spring, while 20% (up 7 points) think life will get worse, revealed the results of a survey. One quarter of the respondents (3 percentage points less than in spring) think that the economic situation in Slovenia will get better in the next year, while 28% expect the situation to worsen.
The share of those finding inflation one of the most important issues that Slovenia is facing has meanwhile strongly increased, as 63% of the respondents think that this is one of the country's two main challenges, 45 percentage points more than in spring. Meanwhile, 47% of Slovenians think that the EU has a negative impact on inflation, 8 percentage points more than a year and a half ago.

Must make a lot of the older members feel envy or … makes them smile with the naïve and innocent newcomers!

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