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And that was March 2008... And that was March 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-04-01 08:49:17
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The clocks have sprung forward robbing us of a precious hour of work, but we shall not be deterred here at Ovi. A glorious run of 31 days, an early Easter, an emerald Saint Patrick's Day and the revelation that Asa's wife is "probably" expecting a baby girl in August has left the Ovi team wiping their brow at the March Madness and hoping April is far more chilled.

We can hardly believe it, but this month we featured 16 different team members on our covers and that must be a record - it is, take our word for it! Once again we want to thank each every contributor for their hard work in March and promise that we'll try and get more people on the cover in April.

Was it just us or did you also think March had an artistic streak? We presented two photography exhibitions from two Ovi debutants, Jari Martikainen and Nunobark, while the delectable Linda Lane gave us Winter in Washington State. It has also been a while since we chose a poem for a cover and this month the honour went to Jan Sand for "Something Dies".

Jan Sand also gave us the article entitled "The Tools of Last Resort" and Linda Lane completed a hat-trick of covers by writing about design and change and the Paul Allen investment bloom. Alexandra Pereira introduced us to the Tamera Peace Research Centre in two cover articles, plus encouraged us to boycott the Olympics, and Leila Dregger made her debut by writing more about the activities of the Tamera Peace Research Centre.

Medieval monks and Noam Chomsky were on the mind of Emanuel L. Paparella, Akli Hadid wanted Sarkozy to leave the French alone, Dr. Habib Siddiqui asked if democracy is for sale in America, Alexander Mikhaylov suggested a car commercial starring Jesus, Clint Wayne was bemused by the prosecution of a hand puppet and Grainne Hiney-Lehtipuu promoted Helsinki's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Tony Butcher wished Mervyn King a very happy 60th birthday, Valerie Sartor continued to enthral us with stories of China, Rene Wadlow reminded us of Women's Day and we were given a short story of Greek DIY Punk Passion written collaboratively by Zorba the Freak and Sakaflias.

Thanks once again to readers and contributors, and to those who do both!

Have a safe and productive April.

The Ovi Team

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