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Finland's nuclear magazine Finland's nuclear magazine
by Asa Butcher
Issue 8
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Ydin means ‘nuclear’ in Finnish and is an appropriate name for a magazine that deals with volatile subjects, such as Finnish politics, matters of war and peace, globalisation and security politics.

This society/political magazine has been published in Finland for almost 40 years and has recently received a new look, although the magazine’s Peace Union roots have not been forgotten. Ydin takes a stand on cultural, economical, equality and minority positions both in Finland and in Europe.

The current issue features stories about the alternative civil service, environmental journalism, loan rates, the sex business and Sirpa Puhakka asks party leaders about domestic safety, NATO and the status of the president.

Cultural racism is a key theme throughout this issue, as an increasing number of ordinary people explain that a different culture is an adequate reason to treat people differently. Questions, such as are people stereotyped because their background, are asked, Matti Ripatti tackles the subject in ‘Culture is the new race’ and Kristiina Kouros is interviewed about the human rights situation in Finland.

Are Finnish politicians over-reacting to the fear of terrorism and organized crime by creating new laws that give police and other authorities too much power to control people? Maippi Tapanainen answers the question in ‘Are you afraid?’ and explores the public’s anxiety of the breakdown of the welfare state, plus she investigates the ignorance over climate change.

Once again, Ydin is an analytical quality magazine that raises discussion and looks for surprising and new angles to even familiar subjects. Check it out…

My HoriZones’ article ‘Prejudiced minorities’ can be found in Finnish in the current issue of Ydin (Syyskuu 2005).

Veturitori 3, 00520 Helsinki
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