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40 questions about food
by Lee Thorkhill
Issue 8
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Do you feel hungry? Is it dinner time yet? What should I eat? Will it make me feel better? Will it make me feel guilty? How can food make you feel so many emotions? When does eating go from pleasurable to unpleasureable?

Have you ever been fed while blindfolded? What did you eat? Did it make you feel excited or scared? Do you see what I mean? Is it the foods we eat that make a difference? Why should I feel bad about eating chocolate? Doctors say it’s good for you, don’t they? How much chocolate can I eat before I feel sick? Why do I only find out when I actually feel sick?

So is it all right to be fat? Are you fat or thin? How do you feel about it? Why should other people put pressure on you, or decide how you should feel? Has someone else’s weight ever affected your mood? What did you do? Am I ready for my next meal now?

What do you want to eat? Is it good for you? Does it contain the correct vitamins and minerals you need? Can foods we eat really affect our moods? When I don’t eat, why am I grumpy or short-tempered? Are you still hungry?

Why can some people eat unhealthy foods and not get fat? Don’t you hate them? Do you think they exercise all night instead of sleeping? Should we be jealous? Would I be healthier if I exercised instead of sleeping? Will I start to feel guilty about sleeping? Should I go to sleep and dream about food instead? That won’t make me fat, will it?

Why did I only ask only 39 questions? Was it something I ate?

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