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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-03-11 07:54:30
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Ex-King Mavericks to Form New Party

The parliamentary group of mavericks that split from the ranks of the former king's centrist party NMSP declared Monday they are ready to establish a new rightist-centrists party. Bulgarian New Democracy (BND) will turn into a political party during the next three months, leader of the current parliamentary group, Borislav Ralchev, told reporters at a press conference.

"In order to achieve our goal to turn Bulgaria into a modern European country we strictly stand behind the rightist-centrist values and their implementation," Ralchev said. BND was established in early December after 14 MPs of Simeon Saxe-Coburg' party were initially expelled or left the king's formation, following factional.

Seriously now, how are they going to call this new party, the former …royal or loyal!!!


2 Pictures Stolen

A total of two pictures have been stolen Sunday from an exhibition, dedicated to the 130th anniversary since Bulgaria's liberation, currently on display in the National Palace of Culture. The exhibit was opened on March 2 and includes masterpieces from the collections of galleries all over the country and the National Military History Museum.

The two masterpieces stolen are works of the artists Nikolay Pavlovic and Vasily Vereschagin. The first one is owned by the National Gallery of Arts and it is insured. The second one belongs to a private collector. Police has launched investigation on the case.

Right, and what do the police hope to find? That the two pictures are most likely in a gallery somewhere in Germany!!!


Bulgaria Disadvantaged in Race with Romania

Bulgaria is reportedly in a disadvantaged position in its competition with Romania to attract the EUR 7 billion-investment that Austria's steel-maker Voelstahlpine is planning to make in the Black Sea region. This becomes clear from an article of the Austrian newspaper Der Standart outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the main players in the scramble to get the huge steel factory, for which Voelstahlpine has not chosen a country yet.

Der Standart reports that while the Ukraine and Turkey are also in the race, the main competition is between Bulgaria and Romania, and it is rather emotional. According to the Austrian paper, Bulgaria is trying to attract the investor by offering cheap electricity, whereas Romania's trump cards are its infrastructure and its fast-growing auto industry, which needs steel products.

Der Standart quotes diplomats from Bucharest, who said that Sofia had been trying to get the steel mill investment at any price, and persons close to the Voelstahlpine management, who believe the Bulgarians were "the most aggressive" in the competition. The speaker of Voelstahlpine, however, is quoted as saying that electricity was not as important for the Austrian concern as the logistics, infrastructure, and the supplies of raw materials. In addition, last week the Austrian chancellor and the Romanian PM signed an agreement for the construction of a sea way on the Danube.

Voelstahlpine is expected to choose the location for its investment in the summer just to prove that something moves in the former east European countries.

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