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Portugal Report Portugal Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-03-07 09:34:51
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Cuba and Portugal to Hold Conference on Respiration Problems

For the first time, Cuba and Portugal will hold an international conference on the achievements, diagnosis, and treatment of respiration problems to exchange their respective experiences on the topic to be held from March 10 to 12 in Havana.

Among the most interesting topics of discussion will be those related to occupational health hazards and how to prevent diseases brought on by handling dangerous substances at the work place. The conference will also examine community participation in eliminating tuberculosis, and efforts made by other nations to eradicate this disease.

In Cuba, the government has allocated a large portion of the country's budget to guarantee a better quality of life for its people and in particular for those suffering respiratory problems, one of the main causes of death in Third World nations.

The people of Cuba may have one of the best healthcare systems, but that doesn't mean they have a better quality of life. The abdication of Castro is a start, but if the world is expecting a change… well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

* * * * * * * *

Madeleine Police Discuss Re-Questioning

The senior British detective involved in the Madeleine McCann case has returned from the Algarve after a series of meetings with Portuguese police. Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior of Leicestershire police spent 48 hours in Portugal, discussing how his force can help in the continuing search for the missing girl.

High on the agenda was the Portuguese police request to re-question the seven friends who dined with Gerry and Kate McCann at the tapas bar on the night Madeleine vanished in May last year. It is believed the Algarve detectives are unhappy with so-called inconsistencies in statements the friends gave them before they returned to the UK.

Leicestershire police, as the McCanns' local force, are likely to carry out the new interviews on behalf of the Portuguese authorities.

It is startling to think that Madeleine McCann has been missing for almost a year. When she disappeared on May 3 2007 the world united to find her, but how many times has her name been mentioned since the New Year? The media have a short attention span.

* * * * * * * *

Siemens to build combined cycle power plants in Portugal

Power engineering firm Siemens Energy Sector will build two turnkey combined cycle units in Portugal for ElecGas, a joint venture of independent power generation company International Power and Spanish utility Endesa.

Siemens will build the two new combined cycle units of Central Termoelectrica do Pego (Pego) in Abrantes, which is located approximately 130km northeast of Lisbon in the immediate vicinity of the existing Tejo Energia power plant. The natural-gas-fired units with a targeted efficiency of over 58% will have a combined installed capacity of approximately 830MW. The full turnkey scope of supply encompasses two gas turbines, two steam turbines, two generators, and the entire electrical and instrumentation & control equipment.

Thank god they are not nuclear.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-03-07 12:28:32
Sat on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal may feel a geographical outsider, so Euro Reporter called by to toughen up its self-esteem. (Add a comment)

Indeed, in the brave new world of globalization no country can be an island or a peninsula any longer, unless they wish to be such to preserve a vestige of their former culure. In that case they'll be charged with Balkanization.

Alexandra Pereira2008-03-07 13:38:00
Abrantes is approximately 140km northeast of Lisbon, I'm originally from that municipality.
State-owned portuguese electricity company is one of the main producers of aeolic energy in the world. Portuguese scientists and inventors have developed innovative technologies and designs to produce power out of ocean waves, something which has incredible advantages and is still very under-used. For more projects on alternative energies and eco-friendly villages please check this link:

Alexandra Pereira2008-03-07 21:54:35
Oh, Portugal and Cuba have something else in common: our beaches, because of their iodine, are where hundreds of ukranian and belarussian children still come with their moms every year, to treat or relief the awful skin and hair problems they keep suffering (when not leukemia and skin cancer or malformations)... thanks to Chernobyl.

AP2008-03-07 22:28:52
On The Solar Power Village and the idea of The Global Campus:

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