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Greek Reporter Greek Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2008-03-01 08:23:59
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Skopje just like UK!

Athens and Skopje have about two weeks to respond to the latest UN proposals for resolving their dispute over what the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Fyrom) will be called. UN mediator Matthew Nimitz, in Athens on February 19-20, presented the two sides with what he later depicted as a "compromise" proposal that he said would completely satisfy neither side.

Nimitz, who repeated that the problem is "crying out" for a solution, remained a sphinx on the details. Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis said that Athens views the proposal as a good basis for negotiation, and she briefed President Karolos Papoulias, the inner cabinet and then all opposition leaders.

The Cypriots gave the best example refusing to accept a forced acceptance of the Anan plan and despite all the rumours and the undercover threats nothing happened to them on the contrary they are ready now to start a new round of negotiations. Greece should not be threatening or blackmailed behind the curtains, has every right on the name, apparently a nearly 3,000 years right and should not compromise to any alternative or a composite name.

After all, there is a strong historic example of the same case. When countries had to register their names it was natural that the British wanted Britain as the name of their country, however they had to face the French veto because Brittany is a geographical area of France and that why they got the name, United Kingdom. I think as an argument this example is …enough!


Internet crimes

Greece is set to enhance the powers given to authorities to investigate Internet crimes following a series of defamation suits against the people behind the controversial press-gr news blog. The Justice Ministry is working on a bill that will give police the right to examine the personal data of anyone suspected of conducting an offense online. Service providers will also have to take immediate steps to preserve any information that pertains to someone suspected of an electronic crime. Police will also be allowed to conduct their investigations in real time and not have to wait for an offense to be committed in order to collect information about a suspect.

Authorities came up against a brick wall yesterday in their attempt to find out who had posted an allegedly libelous story on the press-gr blog while using a computer inside Parliament. The blog has come under scrutiny after more than 100 people filed libel suits against the people that run it. One of the controversial items appears to have been uploaded by an MP or someone else working in Parliament.

The government’s attitude towards bloggers and blogs should be far more careful and avoid mistakes, blogs are something personal and personal opinion just like freedom of speech is protected from the constitution and you cannot try to silence a personal opinion just because it expresses opposition, furthermore if people think that they were damaged from the posts they just need to go to the courts, the government doesn’t need to get involved to that.


Greek-American going to Eurovision

Kalomoira Sarantis, a Greek-American pop singer, will represent Greece at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with her song “Secret Combination” after being chosen in a public and jury vote late on Wednesday. The song contest will be held between May 20 and 24. Sarantis first became known in Greece when she won the “Fame Story” talent show in 2004.

Well, after all, it seems that the Eurovision Contest has become a national issue but at least this time it will be somebody who can pronounce the English lyrics correctly since English has become the Eurovision (despite its multicultural spirit) the official singing language!


Robber failure

A would-be bank robber failed in his attempt to steal an unspecified amount of cash from a branch of Attica Bank in the northern Athens suburb of Halandri. The suspect walked into the bank, situated on Halandri’s main shopping street, at about 9 a.m. and brandishing a handgun ordered staff to fill a bag with cash. But when the robber attempted to leave, he was challenged by the bank manager and was forced to drop his bag and gun before fleeing on foot. Police are examining the weapon to try and determine the robber’s identity.

Obviously the robber was not prepared for …everything!

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AP2008-03-01 13:13:23
Managers always intimidate me...

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