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And that was February 2008... And that was February 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-03-04 08:13:41
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How many months have 29 days? Yes, all of them! However, this Leap Year the extra day in February means you lucky readers have gained an extra cover story for the month and the honour was bestowed upon Jan Sand's "Perpetual Libraries".

Mr Sand may have taken the extra day, but it took the previous 28 days to reach the end of February and the journey was aided by our dedicated team of voluntary contributors. Over the course of the month we are unable to designate a cover for all of our contributors but we do try to be democratic. For example, in January Luis Alves joined the team but he didn't receive a cover, an oversight corrected with his first ever cover for his article ""Mainstream media" vision".

Two of our contributors notched up a covers hat-trick each for their submissions. The first was Valerie Sartor with "Black Market Bodies", "YURTS: living inside a mandala" and "Growing Pains", while Clint Wayne hit the back of the covers net three times with "Rule Out Britannia", "Munich Remembered" and "Shaken but not Stirred".

Akli Hadid saw his article on North Korean concentration camps and the second article in his "World peace model" series receive covers, while Jan Sand also scored two, the first for his thought-provoking article "Plastic Bags and Guns" and the second for the aforementioned "Perpetual Libraries".

In a true demonstration of Ovi democracy, although don't think we just dish out covers willy-nilly, nine of team were featured. Strangely enough just looking at the nine names sums up the philosophy of Ovi, with the contributors spread across the globe, covering many religions, social divides, political realms and including both genders, each of whom shared their opinions, beliefs and skills with the Ovi readership.

They were Luis Alves, Leah Sellers with "Corporate Diminishment of Education", Mike Jennett with "Damned computers", Jack Wellman with "Triumph Over Tragedy", Doug McGill with "The True Promise of Citizen Journalism", Abdulhadi Hairan with "Pakistan - Before and After", Cynthia D'Cruz made her debut with "Nuclear energy in Finland - A heated debate", Emanuel L. Paparella with "Alfred Tarski on Truth, Language, and Logic" and Cátia Cóias shared some of her incredible photography portfolio with us.

Asa and Thanos were their usual selves and served up a few juicy articles, columns and reviews, but the honour this month goes to all of our contributors, whether they received covers or not, plus our beautiful, talented readers… go on, take the praise!

March on!

The Ovi Team

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