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Luxembourg Report Luxembourg Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-02-22 10:05:24
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Luxembourg legalises euthanasia

Luxembourg lawmakers have adopted a bill legalising euthanasia, priming the Grand Duchy to become the third EU country allowing doctors to help patients end their own lives. The parliament passed the bill with only a slim majority with 30 out of 59 lawmakers voting in favour and nearly all of the members of Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker's Social Christian Party voting against.

The Netherlands became in 2002 the first EU country to allow euthanasia, although in strict conditions, and was followed by Belgium the following year. A national commission made up mainly of doctors and officials would also be created to check on a case-by-case basis that all legal conditions and procedures are respected.

A brave move by another EU member to safeguard the individuals right to choose, whether it be right to abortion or right to die, nobody should be able to dictate what we want to do with our bodies.

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Malta & Luxembourg agree to boost relations

Malta and Luxembourg will be looking into ways of improving relations between them. Foreign Minister Michael Frendo met Jean Asselborn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of Luxembourg. Dr Frendo said that both sides discussed collaboration between the two countries, especially since Luxembourg is a founder member of the European Union.

He said this experience is very important for Malta, a relatively new member state. The two also discussed other issues such as the Mediterranean Union, the situation in Kosovo, the EU-Arab League conference held earlier this week and the EU's common foreign policy after the ratification of the Reform Treaty. He also went on to say that Malta is the ideal country to act as a bridge between the EU and the Arab League states.

It is great to be reminded that the European Union doesn't only consist of the larger countries making all of the decisions. Luxembourg has a population of 480,222 and Malta has 402,000, so this really is an example of micro-management.

* * * * * * * * * *

Setanta saves millions in Luxembourg tax move

Pay-Television broadcaster Setanta Sports has slashed at least £17m from its tax bill by setting up a subsidiary in Luxembourg. The windfall will boost the firm’s valuation as speculation increases that a sale of the company is likely.

Over 1m British and Irish subscribers pay into Setanta’s new Luxembourg subsidiary called Setanta Sports Sarl. Setanta pays “super reduced” Vat of only 3% on subscriptions routed through the grand duchy against 17.5% charged in the UK and 21% in Ireland.

Should either Wales or Scotland ever receive independence and become EU countries in their own right it wouldn't be surprising to them try to become tax havens for companies, such as Setanta.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-02-22 15:02:09
Choice and Change and Liberal are pretty empty words and being pro-choice and pro-change or pro liberal is a meaningless statement by itself and in any ethical system until the individual or a whole society specifies what one is choosing and what one is changing and what one is being liberal about, and why.

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