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Dutch reporter Dutch reporter
by Euro Reporter
2008-02-14 08:51:41
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Islamophobia rises in Holland

Muslim minorities in the Netherlands are facing increasing violence and intolerance, the European Commission's anti-racism watchdog is set to say on Tuesday. The report, by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, will say that Islamophobia in the Netherlands has 'increased dramatically' since 2000 and that Muslims are 'disproportionately targeted' by security policies. The report will be published on Tuesday. Tension has been fuelled since the murder of film maker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic fundamentalist.

'The tone of Dutch political and public debate around integration and other issues relevant to ethnic minorities has experienced 'dramatic deterioration,’ the report says. It goes on to warn of a 'worrying polarization between majority and minority communities'. The Netherlands Muslims - around 6% of the population - face 'stereotyping, stigmatizing, outright racist political discourse and biased media portrayal,' the report continues. Anti-Semitism is also on the rise, with the word 'Jew' increasingly used as an insult.

Unfortunately this is the new thing we have to deal with in all Europe.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali wants to become French

Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who now works for a right-wing US think tank, would like to become French, according to reports in most of the papers on Monday. Hirsi Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam, was in France to be awarded the Simone de Beauvoir prize and meet supporters angry that the Netherlands has stopped funding her round-the-clock security. The Netherlands stopped paying for Hirsi Ali’s protection after she moved permanently to the US. She is now trying to raise the money privately.

Hirsi Ali was described as the ‘Dutch Voltaire’ by French television news, and that her appearance at the meeting was greeted by a standing ovation. ‘I need help,’ Hirsi Ali was reported as saying, before telling her audience about the situation she lives in. ‘I would like to become French, thank you.’ The Volkskrant reports that Hirsi Ali’s supporters include the French human rights minister Rama Yade, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and a string of French writers. And Trouw says ex-presidential candidate Ségolène Royal was in the audience on Sunday night. Unlike in the Netherlands, Trouw points out, Hirsi Ali’s French ‘friends’ are all on the left.

This is just to accompany the above article about Islamophobia - the two sides of the same hill!


Millions of roses for Valentine’s Day

One hundred million roses and 90 million tulips were ordered via the FloraHolland flower auction last week ahead of Valentine's Day, the auction house said on Monday.

No comment!

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Sand2008-02-14 10:01:59
The recent arrest of those plotting to murder the Danish cartoonist who created the critical cartoon portraying Mohammad does nothing to allay the feeling that Muslims are dangerous even though the majority of them probably are peaceful. The violent sector that cannot tolerate any criticism of their religion has defined their attitude which is unacceptable by western standards. If these psychotic homicidal maniacs will not be curbed and contained by the generally peaceful Muslim community then the non-Muslims have no alternative to reacting accordingly.

Rinso2008-02-14 13:17:42
Since the Muslim community does nothing to bridge the gap between the western society and theirs (look at Erdogans anti-integration statement), the tensions will continue to rise.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-14 15:35:54
"If these psychotic homicidal maniacs will not be curbed and contained by the generally peaceful Muslim community then the non-Muslims have no alternative to reacting accordingly."

Does "reacting accordingly: mean by chance that one opposes one fanaticism with another, namely the fanaticism of the anti-religious zelot who makes belief or non belief in God a litmut test of some kind for judging how advanced a civilization is? If that is the case, then I am afraid that we are in for some very turbulent times in the history of civilization which may make the Crusades look like a picnic of sort.

Sand2008-02-14 16:12:14
It does not require a very perceptive mind to understand that.

Sand2008-02-14 16:27:29
I take it, therefore, Paparella, that the standards of civility accepted in the west, religious or otherwise offends you to the point of surrendering to the butchery of the Muslim militants.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-14 16:45:19
Is that what the voice of the FSM told you? It missed the point I am afraid. Do not listen to it; it is an idol of your mind. I suggest you re-read my comment without any prejudicial bias against religion per se, then the point, liked or disliked, may come across.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-14 16:48:48
Part of the point, by the way is that zealotry, be it for religion or against religion, is not part of the solution but integral part of the problem. Indeed, there is always another side to a coin.

Sand2008-02-14 17:04:42
No, Paparella, you were perfectly clear that religion under any guise is preferable to the decent standards observed between individuals in the west.I in no way indicated a favorable attitude towards fanaticism of any kind but your monomaniacal reaction to any objection to any kind of religion has warped your understanding so totally you cannot see straight.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-14 18:41:17
That must be what the FSM in your head told you, for it is nowhere to be found in what I wrote. Indeed, "the standards of civility accepted in the West" if examined irenically have never included intolerance, biased and slanderous opinions defended with a ground ax, and slander of religion per se. The barbarians are not at the gate, or coming from the East under the crescend moon, rather they are already inside the citadel of Western Civilization and the greatest deception of all is that they present themselves as the "enlightened." Given some social control and power they will not hesitate to enforce their extreme views on others. That scenario was aptly described in Dostoyevsky's The Devils and has alreday come to pass repeatedly, especially in the 20th century. It will unfortunately repeat itself if ignored by the "enlightened" people who rather than having the solution are part of the problem of a decaying civilization.

Sand2008-02-14 18:57:34
Tell Theo van Gogh and the Danish cartoonist and Hirsi Ali that their threat was from the west. You are ranting again.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-14 20:29:06

Obviously the reasoning and musings of the above book and review which appeared in this very magazine, went right over your head if it was ever read. No surprises there. Chances are it was consigned to the bonfire since it probably does not agree with one's "enlightened" view.

Sand2008-02-18 19:58:47
Obviously you are uncomfortable with intelligent and well informed people whom you correctly term as enlightened, a word you consider an insult. As you prefer to consort with ignorant people immersed in stupid dogmas I understand your problem but cannot sympathize with it.

Bernard laudon2008-03-31 18:24:27
Whatever way you look at it, ISLAM IS A SECT... that the abused Muslim can only quit at the peril of his own life.


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