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"virgin spring" "virgin spring"
by Bohdan Yuri
2008-02-04 09:20:53
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a virgin spring from mountain well
slides its soul upon this land.
beginning as one in search for more,
a current flows, connects a blend:

gather thoughts from long ago,
each young cycle born from old.
rake the stones washed in snow,
to go in schemes where you have been.

Fill the well inside most arbories
while rushing drops fall in full fury.
then in pools reflect your solemn stories,
remind the last how deep the falls.

setting off for new manoeuvres,
add each measure for a mass.
mortal flesh, etched in most regrets,
it takes a lifetime, this work of art.

you think how glad to reach safe harbor,
yet how slow it goes to be so bloated.
left behind, your crystal clearness,
as the journey gathered too many sins.

so run and run until the tide is salty,
you need to change what's turned unholy.
at last, the sea of transfiguration,
feel the sun's first lofty glow,

and arise once more in full glory…

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