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Dutch Report Dutch Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-01-24 09:06:09
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Police strike and football

Police strikes in support of a pay claim broaden into national industrial action last Wednesday, with police stations throughout the country closed for up to four hours. Despite the strike, the football matches Ajax - FC Utrecht and FC Groningen - NEC will go ahead, news agency ANP said.

Is unbelievable that hooliganism has become a worse nightmare than thieves and murderers, and equally unbelievable is the amount of police force demanded in most European countries every weekend during the football games. We have accepted and identified for a long time now the problem with the hooligans as a social problem but unfortunately it seems that nothing improves the situation.


Funds for immigrants’ friendly TV programs

The government put nearly €12m into public and commercial television programs in 2006 and 2007. Among the shows to benefit from government cash were weather forecast Piets Weerbericht (€12,500), Shownieuws (€90,000) and Passion for Fashion (€15,000).

The shows were part-funded either because they focused on European issues or because they showed immigrants and reinforced the government's integration campaign, the paper said. For example, Shownieuws on commercial channel SBS6 got state money for a series of interviews about Dutch celebrities' mixed marriages.

Het Blok, a commercial program in which couples renovate a property for sale, received €65,000 for featuring two sisters from Nigeria who 'interacted with the other residents'. And writer Geert Mak was paid €400,000 from the government's Europa fund for a series on Europe. Culture minister Ronald Plasterk is to explain the subsidies to MPs on Tuesday.

It was recognized a few decades ago how powerful, among media, television is and it is really good from the government to fund programs that keep out prejudice and racism from the Dutch society.


CSI: Holland

American Tim Masters jailed for murdering shop assistant Peggy Hettrick in 1987 is about to be released because of DNA evidence from Dutch forensic expert Richard Eikelenboom. ‘We produced the breakthrough,’ he said. ‘It feels good to help release an innocent man.’

Talking about television and when fiction meets reality!

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