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Bulgarian reporter Bulgarian reporter
by Euro Reporter
2008-01-16 09:55:29
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12.5% Inflation in December

Bulgaria's year-on-year inflation stood at 12.5% at the end of December, a record-high figure for the last seven years, the country's statistics board NSI announced last week. The consumer prices index in Bulgaria rose by 1.1% in December, its growth slowed down by 0.5% in comparison with the previous month.
Food prices once again led the charge, rising by 1.9% in December over the previous month. Prices in the services sector went up by 0.6%, while non-food prices rose by 0.4%, compared to November.

Cumulative inflation for the period January-December over the same period last year was 8.4%. The Socialist-led government initially targeted an inflation of 4.4% for the year, edging closer to meeting the requirements to adopt the euro by 2010. Global fuel price increases, utility price hikes and the strong increase of food prices since July, caused by the drought that decimated last year's harvest, were the biggest factors blamed for the rising inflation. Bulgaria's cabinet initially targeted an inflation of 4.4% for the year, edging closer to meeting the requirements to adopt the euro by 2010, but had to scrap its estimates repeatedly - its latest forecast was 10%.

Obviously the oil prices have changed things in Bulgaria, as everywhere else, since 12.5% is still pretty high and the Bulgarian government should be extra careful for 2008.


No Jail for Deadly Incident at Bulgaria Steel Mill

Sofia Appellate Court upheld the sentences against six defendants tried for a deadly gas leakage at Kremikovtsi steel mill four years ago, sparing them time in jail. Three people were killed and another twenty-two injured on January 10, 2004 after a gas leakage accident at Kremikovtsi steel maker. Following a probe into the leakage, the prosecution raised charges against the head of the fire-extinguishing unit Ivan Neshkov, the head of the shift Valentin Kubadinov, the head of the gas guards Hristo Alexandrov, head of the production unit Nikolay Savov and senior gas guard Ivaylo Stoykov and gas expert Dimitar Blazhev.

In April 2007 the court found guilty only Blazhev, Savov and Kubadinov but delivered jail sentences to none of them. Blazhev and Kubadinov were the ones most harshly punished after the court delivered on them a three-year suspended sentence and a five-year probation period. They both will have to pay a fine of BGN 1000. Savov was imposed a fine of BGN 2000 for breaching safety rules and failing to evacuate workers from the danger zone.


Truck Hits Police Car in Bulgaria, 3 Officers Injured

Three Bulgarian policemen were injured after a heavy truck hit a police car near the coastal city of Varna.
Authorities reported that the speeding truck hit the front left side of the patrol car at the entrance of the village of Ignatievo.

The lives of the officers are out of danger and they have already left the local hospital after getting medical assistance. Investigation has been launched on the case.

It definitely demands an investigation. First of all, the policemen need an eye investigation!

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