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German Report German Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-01-10 10:14:56
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Parent benefit is going to ... cost more

According to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, the budget's vote for parent benefits was too low, so the Minister asked for another 110 million plus 30 million euro for education benefits. The federal states had required more benefits compared to last year.

A spokesperson said that it was positive that the parent benefit was so popular. It's set at 67% of gross pay and capped at 1,800 euro/month for a total of 12 months. Cost over-runs could also be due to the fact that the parents can get another two months' worth of benefit if the spouse (usually the father) chips in for two months.

The truth is that the amount in the end is not big, still it is a huge help for the families and we should never forget that the cure for an ageing Europe, with all the problems that brings, is more kids!


Mr. Koch and his views on foreigners' integration

Hesse's State Premier Koch's criticism of foreigners' integration raised the German Muslims Council's hackles. They objected to Mr. Koch's criticism of 'butchering in the (residential) kitchen' and 'unusual concepts of how to get rid of your rubbish' he had put in writing in a paper.

The Council's President Mr. Axel Ayub Koehler called this extremely dangerous sedition. Mr. Koch's populist electioneering was very close to right-wing, and likely to boost right-wing radicalism. The churches also were critical, and called the paper an 'indecent catalogue of decent behavior'.

You see this is the problem with a multicultural society, you have to live and accept other's customs and behavior, so long as - this is something the EU has correctly legislated - it doesn’t clash with health instructions. Perhaps somebody should remind Mr. Koch that even inside Europe it took a bit of time to accept and change things, even between the partner European states.

It may not necessarily be the way that the Germans cut the meat is the same as the way the French do, plus the eating of raw horse meat is something for discussion among other cultures, but it is something that can proudly be served in expensive European gourmet restaurants.


Ms. Merkel for warning shot detention

The debate about tightening the laws for young offenders is raging, and now Chancellor Merkel also put in her oar. She thought that a so-called warning shot detention and boot-camps would be an appropriate addition to existing laws.

Addressing the SPD, she said that they should not ignore the fact that 43% of all violent offenders were less than 21 years old. Hamburg. Hamburg's Senator for Internal Affairs backed the idea to include the ethnicity of offenders in the crime statistics. He thought that there was a need to find out if young offenders were migrants. Federal Minister for Internal Affairs Schaeuble refuted allegations that young foreigners were particularly likely to offend, stating that a growing number of young Germans became violent offenders.

Examples of the last few years with youths shooting inside schools should be the best defence for Chancellor Merkel.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-10 11:59:04
Some of those youths read Nietzsche and his will to power. Others read Aristotle and his will to truth. I would wager that the latter are less likely to engage in shoot outs. One caveat though: it was Aristotle who wrote that "youth is wasted on the young." What die he know that we no longer know?

Sand2008-01-10 14:14:25
Youth is wasted on the young.
George Bernard Shaw

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-10 15:06:11
I have indeed misplaced the exact quote but not the idea since Aristotle pretty much said the same thing in his Rhetoric II: 12 and surely Shaw as an educated man had read Aristotle. Here are some exerpts:

Aristotle On Youth (Rhetoric II:12, 1389 a-b)
Young men have strong passions, and tend to gratify them indiscriminately. Of the bodily desires, it is the sexual by which they are most swayed and in which they show absence of self-control.
They are changeable and fickle in their desires, which are violent while they last, but quickly over: their impulses are keen but not deep-rooted, and are like sick people's attacks of hunger and thirst.
They are hot-tempered, and quick-tempered, and apt to give way to their anger; bad temper often gets the better of them, for owing to their love of honour they cannot bear being slighted, and are indignant if they imagine themselves unfairly treated.
While they love honor, they love victory still more; for youth is eager for superiority over others, and victory is one form of this.
They love both more than they love money, which indeed they love very little, not having yet learnt what it means to be without it -- this is the point of Pittacus' remark about Amphiaraus.
They look at the good side rather than the bad, not having yet witnessed many instances of wickedness. They trust others readily, because they have not yet often been cheated.
They are sanguine; nature warms their blood as though with excess of wine; and besides that, they have as yet met with few disappointments.

Sand2008-01-10 15:51:09
Your immense fear, Paparella, of being absolutely wrong and being unable to admit a simple error bespeaks something fundamentally out of whack in the mind of one who pretends to be interested in truth.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-10 16:10:58
Is that what the voices told you? Don't listen to them. They wish you to project your own flaws so that you miss yours. That way lies falsehood, not truth. Why dont't you show them the comment where it is acknowledged that the quote was a misplaced quote and ask them to fess up?

Sand2008-01-10 16:25:01
Misplaced? Since when does misplaced mean wrong. It is, simply, obviously, clearly, wrong.
Unless you meant to say mis- attributed. That is quite something else.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-11 09:36:41
Point proven. You couldn't give a hoot about truth, independent of who proffered it and misattribution of the exact words in which it was proffered. You simply wish to justify your positions and prove others wrong, period. Socrates contemptuously called those types Sophists and what they practiced sophistry.

Sand2008-01-11 10:45:51
The only thing obviously proven is that you have this total conviction you are never wrong.

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