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Cyprus report Cyprus report
by Euro Reporter
2008-01-07 10:21:49
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Cyprus' President Statements

Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has stated that all the prospects for Cyprus for the year 2008 are very positive and “we enter the New Year with high expectations for the continued success of the government programmed and for improving the welfare and wellbeing of the people of Cyprus.”

He said that “we have a reason to be proud for the successful introduction of the Euro in Cyprus,” adding that Cyprus is now in a stronger position to pursue a solution to the Cyprus problem. President Papadopoulos noted the European Committee’s satisfaction on the way things are progressing and expressed hope that the people of Cyprus would be getting more accustomed with the Euro to ensure the smooth transition from the Cyprus pound to the new currency.

The President pointed out that “through the initiatives we have taken in the past, I think we are now in a stronger position to pursue a solution to the Cyprus problem, which the people of Cyprus deserve and which I think is the only way of ensuring the reunification of our country.” Referring to the substance of a Cyprus settlement, President Papadopoulos clarified that “reunification for us means the reunification of the society, of the territory, of the institutions and the economy,” adding that no country can be called a unified country unless these four pillars coexist.

The President reaffirmed his commitment to a bizonal bicommunal federation, reminding that “this is the declared and the agreed principle in the Agreement I have signed with Mr. Talat in the presence of Mr. Gambari.” President Papadopoulos underlined that this Agreement “is supported by the Security Council, all the five permanent members and by the recent European Union Conclusions,” stressing that with these Conclusions, which are the strongest ever in support of a solution of the Cyprus problem, as he noted, Turkey is invited to actively pursue the implementation of the Gambari Agreement.

Let’s hope that the Turks will stop interfering and they will withdraw their occupation army allowing the people of the two communities to live in peace and prosperity.


Cyprus in Euro-zone

The European Central Bank has welcomed the introduction of the euro by Cyprus and Malta on January 1st, 2008. "The euro has been introduced in Cyprus and Malta. The number of EU Member States that use the single European currency has now increased to 15. The European Central Bank (ECB) welcomes this further enlargement of the euro area," an ECB press release says.

The ECB notes that as a result of the adoption of the euro by Cyprus and Malta, the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Central Bank of Malta are now full members of the Euro system, with the same rights and obligations as the 13 national central banks of the other EU member states that have adopted the euro.

This is a historic moment for Cyprus and at last the moment that the small country got its independence from the British Empire and most of all from the British pound!


Meeting the Jordan – Palestinian authorities

Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis will carry out a working visit to Jordan and the Palestinian Authorities on January 7 and 8. An official statement said that during her visit to Jordan, Marcoullis will meet her Jordanian counterpart Salahhedin Al-Bashir. From Amman, Marcoullis will travel to Ramallah where she will be received by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and President Mahmoud Abbas.

Perhaps after the failure of the Bush effect some realize that the only ones who can negotiate and mediate in the Middle East are the ones who know and they are close to the problem.

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