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Finnish reporter Finnish reporter
by Euro Reporter
2008-01-05 09:46:03
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Finland on Nordic Defense Teamwork

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen suggested in his blog joint civil crisis management exercises with Sweden and that an exercise like that could be held next autumn in full agreement with the Foreign Minister.

Writing in his blog on Friday, Vanhanen voiced support for Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt's call for greater Nordic defense cooperation. The premier argued that such cooperation must be able to respond to security challenges posed by civil crises. He said this should include rescue operations, citing the tsunami disaster of 2004. He said it should also include joint materiel procurements.

Somehow that makes more sense, even though in a modern world defense should not be one of our priorities but people’s prosperity; instead of all this nonsense talk about joining the dead NATO.


Further tax cuts will be possible in '09

Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen said that over the next few years, the government may be able to cut income taxes more than has been so far promised. However he says no further significant tax cuts are in the offing this year, despite tax hikes by many municipalities.

Last week, nearly 100 local authorities raised taxes by more than half a percentage point. That translates into a higher tax burden for almost a million wage-earners. More than 100 municipalities also plan to hike taxes next year -- which Katainen admits surprised him. He urges local authorities to produce services more efficiently. The finance minister told YLE that the purchasing power of wage-earners and pensioners is growing significantly due to other measures. Katainen says that the cabinet will not decide whether it can afford further tax relief until mid-2009. The centre-right government which took office last spring has pledged to cut taxes by 1.1 billion Euros over its four-year term.

Why do I have the feeling that next year they are going to say exactly the same due to the international economy? It seems that government all around Europe use exactly the same old trick to make people believe that tax is going down and they can do better if they will …vote again!


Neo-Nazi Organization Plans Concerts in Finland

A Neo-Nazi network called the Pagan Front has organized a concert tour in Finland, reports the newspaper Aamulehti on its website. The three-band tour made up of German and Finnish groups will perform in February in Tampere and Pori. International anti-fascism groups have warned about the tour on their websites. The Pagan Front calls itself a pro-Aryan organization that opposes Judeo-Christian and satanic influences. In Finland, any music that idealizes the German Nazi Party incites people to murder or violence against a specific ethnic group is banned.

For a long time foreigners who live in Finland and here at Ovi magazine we have tried to tell that there is a Neo-Nazi movement in Finland and it is rising in many ways, music being one of them and the Internet the other, but it seems that nobody wants to listen!

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