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Polish Reporter Polish Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-12-27 08:22:07
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Serving in Afghanistan

Polish troops serving as part of the NATO peacekeeping force in Afghanistan won't get new armored personnel carriers as scheduled. The Polish Dziennik daily Thursday said the delivery of eight APCs to replace vehicles destroyed in combat in Afghanistan will be late because the vehicles haven't been manufactured, Polish Radio reported.

The newspaper blamed the delay in the APCs delivery from January to the end of March to chaos in Poland's Defense Ministry and plants producing military equipment. Janusz Zemke, former deputy Polish defense minister, said the delivery postponement could pose a danger to Polish troops, many of whom fight Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Zemke said he visited Polish troops in Afghanistan on several occasions and saw how important Polish-made Rosomak personnel transporters are in protecting troops.

It looks like Poland is gradually packing!!! After the decision to pack from Iraq is Afghanistan’s turn. The bitter truth for Poland is that the state could not cope with the weight of army forces abroad but the twin brothers that ruled until few weeks ago Poland wanted to show how good friends are to Americans under any coast!


Poland seeking meeting with Russia, Germany on Nord Stream

Poland wishes to hold a trilateral meeting with Russia and Germany over the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline along the Baltic Sea, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said during a visit to a Polish military base in Iraq Wednesday. "I would like a conversation, simultaneously with Russian and German sides, over the Nord Stream pipeline to be possible," said Tusk at a press conference televised by the news channel.

Agreed in 2005, the Nord Stream pipeline is projected to pump some 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually straight to Germany and further on to Western Europe, thus bypassing current transit countries Poland and Ukraine. While Berlin, Moscow and their project partners believe that the pipeline will enhance overall EU energy security, some countries, including Poland, have protested against the project, fearing it could be used by the Kremlin as an instrument to exert political influence.

Poland's new government, led by liberal-conservative Civic Platform (PO), as well as President Lech Kaczynski, has argued that there is no economic justification for the project and that it poses a potential

Threat to the environment. On Tuesday, Kremlin envoy to the European Union, Sergei

Yastrzhembsky, left the door open for potential participation of Poland in the project. "There is always a possibility to include other partners to the project," said Yastrzhembsky.

It looks like the Polish nightmare with the twin brothers is over and now the Polish people can live in peace with their neighbors.


Polish trio jailed over garage torture ordeal

A MAN was lured into a garage and tortured for an hour-and-a-half in a bitter dispute with three Polish workmates, a court heard. The three attackers tied the man's hands together with cable and forced his head inside a toolbox. They then battered the toolbox with baseball bats and sticks and verbally threatened their helpless victim, Oxford Crown Court was told.

The men, all of Burlington Avenue, Slough, eventually released the man on the condition that he return to work with them within a week. Over the next few days, the man, who is not being identified, received a number of threatening text messages before finally contacting police.

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