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Spanish Reporter Spanish Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-12-27 08:22:42
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Surgeons in Dénia operate on the wrong knee, and then lose the patients notes

The error happened at the Marina Alta Hospital in Dénia to a 38 year old Argentinean patient. ‘Perhaps I am crazy, but I think that you have operated on the wrong knee’ – Those were the words of 38 year old Argentinean, Silvana Biglia, when she came round from the anesthetic after surgery in the Marina Alta Hospital in Dénia.

She was admitted on December 19 after falling a breaking ligaments and the knee cap of her right knee, but the doctor went to work on the left knee by mistake. The patient said she was confused by what happened when she came round, but indeed they had operated on the wrong knee. A nurse called a doctor and he apologized and suggested more surgery, but the woman’s husband was very angry by what had happened and refused for a time. Eventually they decided to have the second operation but when the date came on the 21st they were told that the hospital had lost her records.

El Defensor del Patiente - The Patients’ Rights Defender - has commented on the case, and says it is quite surprising how often patients’ notes disappear when negligence is so clear. He has suggested that she denounce the missing data to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. She has also placed an official denunciate complaint at the courts in Dénia. She says the doctors should be punished and it made clear that it cannot happen again to someone else.

How can describe medical …care in modern Europe? But as the patient said herself …perhaps I’m …crazy!!!


PM opens high speed train line from Madrid to Málaga

The tourist authorities on the Costa del Sol hope the train will be used by people in the capital who want to go to the beach, but there have been several teething problems on the new line

The Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, was on board the first AVE high speed train to run from Madrid to Málaga today (Sunday). The train left Atocha station in Madrid at 10am and arrived in Málaga at 1233 after a brief stop in Córdoba where the Prime Minister was joined by the President of the Junta de Andalucia, Manuel Chaves. It arrived in Málaga ten minutes ahead of the expected time.

Also on board was the Minister for Development, herself from Málaga, Magdalena Álvarez, the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Victor Morlán, the President of the ADIF railway infrastructure company, Antonio González, and of RENFE, Jose Salgueiro.

One more way to get for holidays to … Málaga


King Juan Carlos calls for unity against terrorism in his Christmas message

The King also had special words for the foreigners living in Spain after what was an interesting year for the Spanish monarchy. Speaking in his traditional Christmas message broadcast in Spain on Christmas Eve, King Juan Carlos I repeated his ‘deep and permanent commitment to service, to Spain, and to the Spanish people.

Speaking from the Zarzuela Palace the monarch thanked the messages of personal and institutional support he had received in a year full of odd events. The burning in Cataluña of photographs of the monarch and the episode in the Ibero American Summit in Chile when he told the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to shut up among them.

Much of his speech called for a renewed effort from the Spanish political parties to reach a consensus on the important matters of State, including the fight against terrorism, and to ensure that the institutions work more efficiently and conform to the principles of the Constitution. ‘We need a culture of unity against terrorism’, he said and mentioned the Barajas Airport bomb, placed by ETA at the end of last year, and the recent vile killing of the two Guardia Civil officers in France. Unity was he said ‘urgent and imperative’ for the State and also owned to the victims and their families.

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