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British Reporter British Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-12-27 08:23:03
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Police data details found at dump

A senior police officer has apologized after confidential details of staff were found on a dump in Devon. The details, on a floppy disk, included names, addresses, telephone numbers and ranks of employees of Devon and Cornwall Police. The disk was in an obsolete computer that had been used by the force and had been sent for recycling.

Ass Ch Con Bob Pennington apologized to staff and said the matter was being investigated. "We take our responsibilities for protecting all information seriously and are extremely concerned as to how this single disk was not removed before the machine was taken out of use," he said. "Recycling old computers was a conscious decision taken by the force as part of an overall cost cutting exercise and hard drives are always wiped clean but it appears that on this occasion the floppy disk has been overlooked." Information stored on the disk also included firearms qualifications.

I have to admit with all the latest incidents, lost videotapes from CIA that incriminate the ‘company’ for torturing and other unconstitutional acts, and with the reputation the security forces have all around the world lately this …lost and found sounds a bit suspicious!


4,000 foreign prisoners deported

The government has deported more than 4,000 foreign prisoners this year, exceeding the target set by the prime minister, the Home Office said. The figure meant that 50% more foreign prisoners had been deported than in the year before, officials said. Those sent out of the country include 20 convicted of killings and more than 200 convicted of sexual offences.

"Foreign law breakers should be first in line for the first plane out of Britain," said the Home Secretary.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown set the deportation target in July in order to accelerate the removal process and release some of the pressure on the country's overcrowded prisons. Prisoners with foreign citizenship can continue to be held in detention centers after they have completed their prison terms but have yet to be deported.

Last Friday the prime minister came under fire after a memo was leaked that said officials have "no interest" in deporting foreign criminals jailed for less than a year.

Isn’t it the easy solution blaming criminality on the raise of foreigners and that doesn’t lead when publicized to some kind of prejudice and in extent in racist incidents?


Labour peer Lord Ahmed in horror M1 smash that leaves motorist dead

Labour peer Lord Ahmed has been involved in a six-car Christmas Day horror smash that claimed the life of a Slovakian driver.

The 49-year-old Muslim peer was at the wheel of his gold colored X Type Jaguar when it ploughed into an Audi A4 that had broken down in the fast lane of the M1 near Rotherham. The 28-year-old victim died instantly in the impact and Lord Ahmed - who helped free British teacher Gillian Gibbons in Sudan last month - suffered severe facial injuries and shock.

Let’s see who is going to help him avoid prison now!!!

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