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Finnish Reporter Finnish Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-12-27 08:23:21
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The Finnish state railways, VR sold tickets for …non-existent passengers

Finnish State Railways-VR was forced to transport some passengers by bus on Boxing Day after accidentally selling tickets for seats that did not exist on trains. A total of 170 tickets were sold for seats in three coaches that did not exist on the morning express from Joensuu to Helsinki. VR was forced to arrange five buses to transport passengers to their destinations.

A company spokesperson said human error was to blame for the mix up. Finnish State Railways says coach transfers are more complicated at weekends than during the week.

A bit more of wine on the Christmas table? Naturally it is sad when things like that happen but you cannot avoid the humor behind, especially with a little help from the …Christmas spirit!


Russian planes violate Finnish airspace

Russia has violated Finnish airspace ones more. The latest incident took place on Boxing Day at around 11 a.m. to the south west of Porvoo. A Russian Tupolev-154 transporter flew in Finnish airspace for a few minutes. A plane of the Finnish Air Force was scrambled to identify the offending craft and the Finnish Frontier Guard has begun an investigation into the incident.

According to Jyrki Iivonen, Director of Information at the Finnish Ministry of Defense, human error could be to blame for the latest incident. In November, air force experts from Finland, Estonia and Russia met to discuss ways to avoid such incursions. They considered a greater exchange of flight data and better trilateral communications to be of importance.

Human error again and now we know that the Christmas spirit except Finnish train tickets sales touches Russian pilots as well. And if that spirit was called …vodka then they have better be a bit more …careful!!!


Alcohol sales peak before Christmas

Sales of beers, wines and spirits increased at the stores by 90 percent in the two weeks prior to the Christmas holiday. Estimates of total sales stand at around 170 million Euros. December accounts for 12 percent of ALKO's annual sales. An estimated 2.5 million customers bought drink from the stores in the pre-Christmas period.

A perennial favorite is red wine with sales totaling 1.4 million liters. Sales of mulled wine in December topped around 760,000 liters. Cognac and brandy sales stood at around 31,000 liters.

And in the end you always find the …answer! 90 percent increase in alcohol sales explains …everything!

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