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And that was November... And that was November...
by The Ovi Team
2007-12-02 10:39:33
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In Finnish, November is called marraskuu, meaning "month of the dead", which certainly held no irony for Norman Mailer, Maurice Béjart and Ian Smith as they each had a intimate meeting with the Grim Reaper. Thankfully November was not a dead month for the Ovi team as they quickly buried October and embraced the birth of another new month. Okay, enough of the birth and death analogies and on with the topic in hand: November 2007.

Ten of our contributors were rewarded with a cover page, while 11 others just missed out, so a belated thanks to each of you. Out of the ten contributors it was Jack Wellman who scored the only cover hat-trick this month with 'Machiavelli and the Republic', 'Finland: Living Green' and 'Elimination of Violence against Women'. Two others managed to net a brace; Clint Wayne with a review of The Eagles' new album and a piece on ornithology, and Akli Hadid contributed 'Conspiracies and delusional disorder' and 'Ethnocentrism: A cause of war?'

Seven others shared the honour of one day beginning with Alexandra Pereira, who wrote about Thomas Mann's Death in Venice in Portuguese. Sofia Gkiousou offered us 'PR lessons for the uninitiated', Linda Lane contributed 'The Enlightenment Machine', Eduardo Alonso reviewed a documentary about The Clash's Joe Strummer, Jan Sand gave directions on baking a Universal Cake, Emanuel L. Paparella discussed 'The Nexus between History and the Self' and Rene Wadlow commemorated the 250th anniversary of William Blake's birth.

It was a month that saw the Ovi Bad Boys hosting their 90th radio show/podcast and a number of their regular cartoons, including '2nd Opinion' that received a cover, appearing sporadically throughout November.

By now we are sure you are eagerly following you is victorious in the Cover Competition between Thanos and Asa, so without further delay I shall reveal that Thanos has notched up another victory winning 6-5. Thanos' six consisted of an examination of the Dollar vs. Euro issue, the verbal diarrhoea of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, World Diabetes Day, a memory from the Polytechnic in Athens, a criticism of Ban Ki-moon, an obituary of the French choreographer Maurice Béjart and his outrage over the imprisonment and rape of a young girl in Brazil.

Asa's five began with the revelation of his popular Carrot Cake recipe, followed by a reaction to the shocking shooting in a Finnish school, the endorsement of a new website that donates rice to the hungry, the promotion of the Finn Brit Players' autumn, a response to the British government losing 25 million names on two CDs and a review of Gladiator for director Ridley Scott's 70th birthday.

It was a deserved victory for Mr Kalamidas and a great month for each of our dedicated and delightful team. Thanks to each of you once again and it is quite incredible to think that the December Covers Issue will appear next year… until 2008 then!

The Ovi Team

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-02 14:41:29
Way to go! And an applause for the readers who are the invisible audience and the commentators too who got it off their chest.

Jack2007-12-03 01:08:30
I say Congratulations on the coming three year birthday of Ovi Magazine. Let a fine wine cellar's contents, it just keeps getting better with age and experience. Thanks for the platform for all of us.

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