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Finn reporter Finn reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-11-26 09:25:40
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Greenpeace Activists taken into Custody

Over 30 Greenpeace activists were taken into police custody Sunday for trying to block a ship transporting palm oil to a Finnish Oil distributor refinery near Porvoo. The activists aboard rubber boats tried to prevent the tanker from docking. Police said the activists were from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Greenpeace said it's calling for the company to stop using palm oil in diesel production. The organization says palm oil use destroys rainforests in Asia and results in greenhouse gas emissions. According to an executive the oil company, the company has discussed the issue with Greenpeace for quite some time. He said that both sides agree that measures should be taken to protect the environment. He added that the oil company has acted in the most responsible manner possible. The tanker, which was carrying 9,000 tons of palm oil, was on its way to Finland from Rotterdam.

It seems that Finnish companies have opened too many fronts with environmentalists and environmental issues. In South America they are complaining that Finnish forest and paper companies destroy the rainforest and now this inside Finland and don’t forget the issue with the nuclear plants. Too much of the …Green Party has been in the government in cooperation with the conservative party. Obviously that gave them the alibi they were missing!

Finland has long been an example of a country that loves and cares for the environment, why then this turn? It is like they keep our country clean and green, and then we don’t give a damn for the rest of the world. Is this the way they understand protecting the environment?


More immigrants to take Finnish citizenship

And since we are talking about the Greens in Finland, members of the Green League want to relax regulations allowing immigrants to become Finnish citizens. The Green delegation has drawn up an integration plan which calls for all immigrants living permanently in Finland to have the right to become Finnish citizens.

The Greens also propose that all immigrants have the right to Finnish language instruction. Moreover, party members would like to see more funds allocated to schools with students from various backgrounds. The delegation also hopes to do more to prevent employment discrimination. They say that Finland must make sure that immigrants are integrated into society. Meanwhile, the Greens say they expect immigrants to be committed to the principles of democracy, human rights and equality.

But again it looks like they play the game of the conservative government. Mr. Vanhanen, the Finnish Prime minister long ago emphasized the need of more immigrants in Finland. However, when Vanhanen said that he added that of course the immigrants Finland want must be well-educated and trained. The Green League leaves us to imagine that they are in full cooperation with Mr. Vanhanen’s government at the moment, so why would a well-educated and trained foreigner come to Finland? For the low taxes, the soft winters, or the sunny long summers? If Mr. Vanhanen and the Green League haven’t noticed, the well-trained and educated Finns immigrate to other countries!


Vanhanen links Russian wood tariffs with greenhouse emission goals

And since we are talking about the conservative government’s environmental worries, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen has linked Russia's export tariffs on raw wood with Finland's goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Vanhanen says that if wood imports from Russia dry up, Finland will have between 3 and 4 percentage points less renewable energy available to it. The situation might force Finland to cut back on its EU commitment for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

In his weekly briefing on EU matters, Vanhanen urged Russia to gradually come up with a solution to the wood tariff problem. He notes that a large proportion of Finland's renewable energy is wood, and the Finnish forest industry gets about one fifth of its raw material from Russia. The Russian government, hoping to encourage the development of its own wood processing industry, has decided to impose heavy export tariffs on exports of raw timber, potentially causing serious problems for Finnish paper manufacturers. Vanhanen said on Friday that if one fifth of the wood used by Finnish industry falls away, it will have a dramatic effect on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Fine, that’s a good one; we want to pull back from our environmental obligations so we blame the Russians for that. Why doesn't Mr. Vanhanen ask the people of South America what they think about the Finnish management, methods and Finnish wood traffic or is it too far away?

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