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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2007-11-24 10:31:08
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Alicante murder suspect made TV plea for his ex to take him back

He appeared on a popular talk show broadcast just days before his ex girlfriend was fatally stabbed. It’s been revealed that the man in custody for the murder of a Russian woman in Alicante this weekend appeared on an Antena 3 talk show recently to ask his ex girlfriend to take him back.

The Información newspaper names the suspect as Ricardo, and says he appeared on the programme ‘Diario de Patricia,’ in a show which went out last week. It seems the couple had split up a month ago and he wanted to restart their relationship. His ex partner, named by Información as Svetlana, refused his public plea, and was stabbed in the neck on Sunday, allegedly by Ricardo. She died in hospital on Monday morning.

This is like Big Brother and all the reality shows put together! It is amazing how far people go for their 10 minutes of fame or how low TV has gone!


Her nude photos on the net

A 20-year-old man from Madrid is in custody, after he posted photos of a young girl from Murcia on the Internet because she refused to have sex with him, and now faces charges of corruption of minors and child pornography.

He first contacted the girl through an Internet chat room, and obtained the photographs, some of them in the nude and in what are said to be erotic poses, under the pretext that he worked for a model agency. He then threatened to post them on an adult site if she refused to give in to his demands for sex, and finally went ahead with his threat.

Well, she did model in the end, didn’t she? What I don’t understand is what she thought while he was taking the photos! Did she think that it was a naïve innocent photo shoot? Suddenly all these prejudice jokes about blondes came true.


Immigrant found hidden beneath a bus in Albolote

An immigrant who entered the country illegally was arrested in Albolote on Tuesday, when he was discovered hiding beneath a bus from Morocco, which had travelled to Spain empty of passengers.

He was found when the driver heard knocking sounds coming from beneath the vehicle, and was taken into custody by the Civil Guard. EFE said he appeared to be in good health.

From one side this is shocking news and you feel like wishing the Spanish government allows the man to stay there and from the other side you wonder how many more and in how many more ways. Living in Finland I found often difficult to explain this situation to people who get something like …14 illegal immigrant cases a year while in south Europe the number jumps up to 14 …a minute!

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