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Polish reporter Polish reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-11-18 10:11:26
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Polish parties agreed in a coalition government

The leaderships of Poland's liberal Civic Platform headed by incoming Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the centrist Peasants Party formally agreed to govern in coalition. The two parties approved the coalition in separate meetings the day after President Lech Kaczynski asked Tusk to form a government in the wake of the October 21 elections.

The polls handed defeat to a two-year-old right-wing coalition led by Kaczynski's twin brother Jaroslaw. Civic Platform (PO) has 209 of the 460 seats in the lower House of parliament and the Peasants Party (PSL) of Waldemar Pawlak 31. "We want to base our coalition on the search for compromise and respect for the principal of mutual trust," Pawlak, who will be deputy prime minister and economy minister in the new government, told journalists.

The best thing is to keep away the Kaczynski twins from governing and at least one of them, Jaroslaw, home, retired for good!


Manhattan monument honors Holocaust eyewitness

A monument honoring the Polish underground officer who is credited with giving the first eyewitness accounts of the Warsaw Ghetto and a Nazi concentration camp to U.S. and British officials was unveiled Sunday outside the Polish Consulate. The Manhattan monument features a statue of the officer, Jan Karski, sitting erect on a bench, with his legs crossed and a cane in his hand. A chess board - a game he enjoyed playing - is nearby.

Karski, a Roman Catholic, infiltrated the ghetto and concentration camp and in 1942 and 1943 told President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, among others, what he saw. But few believed him, and little immediate action was taken, said people who attended the dedication ceremony.

Every act like that to remind us what happened during the WWII is worth and has to be supported.


Poland's Former Deputy PM Faces Sex Charges

Poland's prosecutors have filed charges against former Deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Lepper following allegations he sexually abused a female employee. The Prosecutors Office in Lodzon Thursday conducted a two-hour interrogation with Lepper and then released him on bail, Polish Radio said Friday.

Lepper, leader of the Polish populist Self-Defense party, denied the allegations. If convicted on the sex abuse charges, Lepper could face up to eight years in jail. Lodz state prosecutors opened an investigation into the allegations last December when Lepper was agriculture minister and a deputy prime minister in the former coalition government.

Let’s see when it comes the time what the prosecutors will have to say about the evil twins!

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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-17 09:38:40
A couple of years ago a voluminous book by Tony Judt came out titled Europe after World War II. In it Judt coins the word “misremembering,” by which he means that after the War and up to present time there has been a tendency in Western societies on both sides of the Atlantic to erect memorial, monuments, museums dedicated to the Holocaust and then move on. In other words, the monuments became a way of excusing ourselves from discussing in depth the real cultural causes within Western civilization which permitted such a monstrosity. Food for thought!

Sand2007-11-17 10:18:00
Better a monument than nothing at all.

Emanuel Paparella2007-11-17 13:52:30

Emanuel Paparella2007-11-17 23:44:15
On the topic of the EU, I wonder what do interested Finnish observers, and other EU readers, make of this latest statement by the UK foreign minister (as taken verbatim form The on-line Euobserver):

During his speech in Bruges, the UK foreign secretary also insisted that the EU should be a "model" for the world rather than a "superpower".

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