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Luxembourg reporter Luxembourg reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-11-12 07:43:06
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Armed Robbers sentenced

The Luxembourg courts handed out prison sentences to two defendants who were found guilty of being involved in the May 2000 and July 2001 armed hold-ups of security vans transporting cash, in Lamadelaine. Gilles Lousada and Yazid Bezzah were each sentenced to 22 years in prison and a fine of 17,000 euros.

The armed robberies resulted in injuries to the security officers, as well as the theft of 36.5 million Luxembourg francs (905,000 euros) and 1.7 million Swiss francs (41,000 euros) respectively. Gilles Lousada had been arrested on 30 December 2006 after a gunfight in front of a night club in Esch-sur-Alzette. The following day, he attacked a police office in Kirchberg hospital in an attempt to escape custody. Yazid Bezzah is still at large.

Knowing the size of Luxembourg, this …at large doesn’t sound very …large. However, that’s exactly Luxembourg’s uniqueness and sensitivity is very easy to pass into any of the neighbouring countries and most likely that’s what Bezzah has done.


State Pension Funds Healthy

Minister Di Bartolomeo yesterday announced that the state pension scheme increased its reserves last year, following meetings with the unions. Increases in state pensions had been agreed back as far as 2001, as well as increased spending by the pension funds of up to 10%.
The Minister explained that much work is required over the coming years to ensure that the state pension funds remain healthy. And that’s definitely something difficult to say in an aging Europe with all the financial problems.

Most of the European countries are already counting ten to fifteen years lasting funds for pensions and that’s the reason a lot of them are talking about the need for more immigration – Luxembourg, from its side, seems to be safe on the same side as Norway.


Luxembourg Ladies Rugby in Germany

Luxembourg's women rugby squad travelled to Heidelberg in Germany at the weekend to play two matches including one against the national team.

Although results did not go Luxembourg's way in either match, the trip was worthwhile and the squad players gained invaluable experience for future matches. It is about time for a new star to rise in the international scene of women’s rugby.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-12 23:41:30
Talking of small states. Within Italy there are two independent states. One is Vatican city and the other is San Marino city. Obviously the Vatican is independent from any formal political alliances. What about San Marino? Will it eventually be part of the EU? I am curious about it, does anybody know?

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