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And that was October... And that was October...
by The Ovi Team
2007-11-01 10:21:31
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How fast is a single blink? Is it faster than a sneeze? Both can justifiably claim impressive speeds, but neither can match the velocity of time from October 1st to October 31st… just where has it gone? Was the sand in October's hourglass finer than usual or did some scallywag make the hole slightly larger? It is equally stunning to know that we reclaimed an hour when the clocks went back last week, so what happened?

Don't look to us for any answers because we only have questions, but maybe some of our dedicated team of contributors can provide some comfort. Once again we have successfully notched up another month of 120 submissions, which is a number that never fails to impress us here at Ovi. Unfortunately we can only have one cover story a day and that means that there were only 31 possibilities this month, yet we achieved a new record with 16 different people being rewarded with a cover.

Jack Wellman was one of six contributors that received two covers this month, with his article on Thucydides and the first of his three-part Native American Indian Policy series. Jan Sand discussed the intriguing subject of static versus dynamic before completing his brace with a Halloween-esque poem "Werf". Alexandra Pereira bravely tackled two emotional topics this month, the first examined family bullies and the second highlighted the work of Bruno Buendia who fights against poverty in Peru.

Emanuel L. Paparella contributed a number of essays this month, but it was the first parts of "Europa Quo Vadis?" and "Two Forgotten Communities of the EU Cultural Identity" that received covers – the complete essays appear within the PDF magazine. On October 23rd Ovi had its first theme day with four articles about Computers and the cover promoted Christopher Wilkinson's "Security Update" piece, while one week later Christopher collected a second cover with his "A bad dream" piece.

Eight others chalked up one cover each, although some did appear on the forn page more than once throughout October. Tony Butcher's "Burning rubber" was about the Northern Rock loan crisis, not F1, while Akli Hadid asked disgraced athlete Marion Jones to give up her medals. Sofia Gkiousou wrote her ninth letter from London and talked about the joys of statistically induced hysteria. World Food Day was observed by Rene Wadlow, Clint Wayne was found wandering down Memory Lane with his celebratory article for Sir Bobby Charlton's 70h birthday and Abdulhadi Hairan posed the question: What is your standard for an educated person?

Robert Spalding joined the Ovi team with an opening fiction submission and if you have not yet read "12 – 17" then we strongly recommend you locate it within the PDF and correct this oversight. As always, Ovi does not merely offer our readers the written word, we were proud to present "Angels in Kallio" by Maippi Tapanainen and two new exhibitions by Linda Lane.

As for the Ovi editors, well Asa held the door open for Thanos' five cover stories, which primarily dealt with some hard-hitting ladies: Raisa Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton, Benazir Bhutto and Condoleezza Rice. Asa took it easy this month with an iBite, an analysis of media in the movies, Bob Geldof's thoughts on the economics of poverty and a review of Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca for Joan Fontaine's 90th birthday.

So that was October faster than the blink of an eye. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on November because a watched month never passes, or is that a watched kettle never boils…


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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-01 16:33:12
An applause for a magazine that does not only preach but practices and encourages free speech and the intelligent exploration of complex and ambiguous points of view and issues. That includes not only the competent editors with their steering, but the contributors with their views and the readers with their comments and even their silence; for indeed a good live magazine is much more than a rational chess game of debated issues with winners and losers, but a virtual forum where a noble enterprise is going on, that of the democratic and honest search for truth wherever it may take us.

Asa2007-11-02 10:40:13

Please accept our apologies for the loss of Ovi magazine for the last few hours.

We had a 'glitch' with our database that corrupted the site, so you can put aside any ideas of sabotage, viruses and ghosts in the machine, although it was just Halloween.

Thanks for your patience,

The Ovi Team

Jack2007-11-03 04:49:05
Ovi is back...good things come to those who wait.

I agree Emanuel, it is like a living, breathing, organic magazine with the comments section. A continuing work in progress fueled by the freedom of speech and subjective feedback.

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