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German Report German Report
by Euro Reporter
2007-10-03 09:41:02
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Eastern Germany still emptying out 17 years after reunification

Exactly 17 years after German reunification, the exodus of people from the former East Germany continues and politicians are grappling for ways to stem the tide. A survey released this week showed that a third of young women in the former communist part of the country plan to leave to look for a better life in the West.

Unlike that euphoric night in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down marking an end to the Cold War, it is no longer the prospect of freedom after decades of communism sending them across the divide but the state of the economy.

Since reunification, the population of the former East Germany has declined by 1.3 million as result of people leaving, but also because of the drop in the German birthrate which is more pronounced in the east. Perhaps Germany should consider encouraging many of its immigrant population to the east to aid in regenerating the region.

New Mercedes C-Class estate on sale in Germany

The new Mercedes C-Class Estate, which celebrated its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September, is on sale in Germany with the basic C 180 selling of 31,714 euros (44,712 dollars). Customers can choose between three turbo-diesels which consume up to 12 per cent less fuel over previous models, according to the car maker.

The C 200 CDI Estate (100 kW/136 hp), uses 6.0 litres per 100 kilometres. The C 320 CDI Estate is optionally available with permanent all-wheel drive and costs 47,124 euros in the 4MATIC version with seven-speed automatic transmission as standard.

According to Mercedes, the petrol-engined versions achieve fuel savings of over 10 per cent compared to previous models, which will help alleviate the guilt of burning copious amounts of petrol compared to other models. The car will also come with a "Save the Planet" sticker in the back window.

Germany to review jumbo mailboxes after boy caught inside

Deutsche Post, the German mail company, said it would review its use of self-service, jumbo-sized mailboxes after a boy was accidentally locked inside one. Firefighters in the city of Dortmund had to prise open a metal locker on Sunday after the boy, 9, crawled inside for fun and a quick playmate slammed the door.

Arrays of the carton-sized lockers are located in public places, and can be used as a day-and-night receiving address for parcels. Germans with special electronic keys can open a locker if a parcel is waiting in it for them. Post said it would cure the danger of child entry before installing any more locker arrays. Sunday was the first time a human being had been trapped inside a box. 'Obviously we'll have to do something about this,' a spokesman said.

How long has Germany employed the use of jumbo-sized mailboxes? A decade, maybe two? So, because of two mischievous boys Germany may lose a useful functional device. It is always the power/stupidity of the few that ruin it for everybody else.

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