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And that was September... And that was September...
by The Ovi Team
2007-10-02 00:25:00
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Yes, another month has flown by and we have been inundated with submissions from our creative and eager posse. Every month only a certain number are able to be rewarded with a cover page to accompany their work, but don't think that the rest are not worthy… not by a long shot.

September saw Ovi magazine celebrate its one-year anniversary of being a daily magazine and nobody was more shocked at the speed time has passed than Thanos and Asa. It still only feels like three days ago that they launched the first monthly issue on an unsuspecting online public, yet they are still going and getting stronger every day. Once again, we'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the support and a special thanks to Alexandra Pereira for her article on the day of the anniversary.

I believe we had a record this month of three contributors each hitting a hat-trick of front covers, with Artie Knapp and Clint Wayne both accomplishing this in 13 days. Artie managed it first with a piece asking where all the good drivers have gone, which was then followed by two great short fictional pieces, the first entitled "Take a Shot" and the second "From Gettysburg to Baghdad".

Meanwhile, Clint began by praising the EU for allowing Britain to stay imperial, moved on to the 30th anniversary of Marc Bolan's tragic death and finished with a travel piece on New Zealand. Our third hat-trick was by Jack Wellman and his triple consisted of "Love: The Wonder Drug", "Ask a Stupid Question Day" and a nostalgic piece commemorating the 80th anniversary of Babe Ruth's 60th home run of the season.

Linda Lane offered seven rules of business in a slightly off-beat style in her "Fiendishly Clever" article, Matt Williamson sat cross-legged on a mat and wrote about "Meditation and Mindfulness", Eduardo Alonso reviewed the late Samuel Fuller's autobiography, Bohdan Yuri's poetry was honoured with a cover and perhaps the most touching piece this month was "True Power of Rape" contributed by somebody who had once suffered that terrible fate.

We were joined this month by an illustrator named Steve Cartwright, who has a vibrant style that quickly became one of our favourites, and his work appeared on the cover twice. We were also pleased to welcome back Will Martin, who returned with two Finland-themed photo exhibitions throughout September. Thanks to you both for emphasising the alternative outlets featured in Ovi magazine.

As for Asa and Thanos, well Asa managed a simple brace this month and Thanos can claim ‘octo’ status with eight covers, including an offering of poetry, which is incredibly rare for him.

And so we enter October, a month that promises elections in Pakistan, Slovenia and Argentina, the Rugby World Cup final, the 2007 World Series, the end of summer time, Hillary Rodham Clinton turns 60 and it is Halloween... of course, there are more events here.

If you would like to join our growing team of contributors, don't hesitate. Share your opinions, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs and musings with our readers. All the people inside this issue have, so why don't you?


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Emanuel Paparella2007-10-01 15:20:10
Hurrah for free speech. That invitation at the end of the piece to share and discuss openly is what, in my opinion, makes Ovi a breath of fresh air, a different kind of on-line magazine: one that is not dominated by some constricting ideology or some politically correct “superior” stance. It simply encourages the dialogue and the brain storming between editors, contributors and readers by prominently displaying its invitation to leave comments and “get it off one’s chest.” Most importantly, it is not leery of opening the door and keeping it well open (pun intended) to radically different points of views, demanding only a convivial climate, even when, to use Rumi’s metaphor in his poem on rationality, some contributors and readers may be knocking from the outside and some may be knocking from the inside of the door. The magazine is on the right road, for indeed, it is only in the convivial atmosphere of the open agora where ideas are exchanged, explored, challenged and discussed openly, that one may hope to get a glimpse at the True, the Beautiful and the Good. And ideas matter. Let the journey continue!

Jack2007-10-01 22:30:40
Reading Ovi articles [i might add even writing them] is like sitting is a "safe zone", where all are free to express their opinion.

This open door (Ovi) allows room for two to pass, one comes in and one goes out, for the mind as well...to be open and not closed.

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