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Austrian Reporter Austrian Reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-09-28 10:14:49
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45-year-old's fight with kindergarteners

A 45 year-old man entered a Viennese kindergarten of Floridsdorf and wanted to have a fight with kindergarten children. It was the female chief of the kindergarten who was able to protect the children from the mad man. She tried to calm him down, but he was screaming and tried to start a riot.

The police arrested the gatecrasher with pain and misery. One police officer was injured during the capture. The aggressive man was brought to the mental department of the Otto-Wagner-Hospital. The reason for his strange behavior is unknown.

It is most likely that he had seen the film Kindergarten Cop with Arnold and he was looking for his governor compatriot in there. However, the case is not a joke and it is a wonder how the man managed to get inside to threaten and scare all these young kids. Of course, the police are going to investigate the event but still this is a bad beginning.

Vienna’s drugs policy

The Viennese Peoples Party is upset about the drug policy of the ruling Social Democrats in Vienna. Especially the situation on the Karlsplatz Square is cause for concern, in the view of the Peoples Party. The Social Democrats refute the reproaches. “We must renew the concept against drugs in Vienna,” says one spokesman of the Peoples Party. “Social Democrats are doing too little,” he added.

However, illegal drugs are not the only concern for the Peoples Party. Now the Viennese opposition party also wants to start a crusade against alcohol. They demand a prohibition of selling alcohol in and around the Karlsplatz Square.

The other two opposition parties of the Greens and the Freedom Party have different ideas to solve the problem. The Greens demand more support for drug users. Drug addicts should receive buildings, where they are able to indulge in drug consumption. The Freedom Party wants more police to clear the situation.

Police and a hostile attitude have never been the solution in the drugs problem and by arresting and punishing the users they do nothing about the problem. You don’t punish the ill but try to find a way to cure and help, while imprisonment has proved to be the worst possible cure. It is most likely that the people of the Viennese Peoples Party are the ones who really need help to understand how you should face and deal with this kind of problem. Finally, they must realize that the drugs problem is a social problem beyond parties and they had better start to deal with it all together.

Rapist wins trial

A legally-convicted rapist has filed a lawsuit against his victim because of libel writ, and came up as the shining winner of the bizarre suit. The victim gave an interview with a local newspaper and told about the maltreatment and the rape. The rapist read the interview and took her and the newspaper to court. He complained of defamation of character.

The woman was not able to prove certain details of maltreatment, which she described in her interview. This was the reason of her law conviction. She had to pay a fine of 200 EUR. The chief editor of the affected newspaper said that the brutal rapist, who has 20 previous convictions, just wanted to tease the Austrian justice. Since June, the 34-year-old offender is in prison again.

There is nothing to comment on this one. Justice is blind but obviously sometimes it is also deaf and heartless too.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-09-28 17:47:45
An addendum, lest we forget:

On 24 May, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, visited the former concentration camp in Auschwitz during her visit to Poland. In her speech she stressed that it was “not easy for Austria to confess that many of our compatriots have been perpetrators, accomplices or people who knew about things happening (Mitwisser).” She stated that “we must learn from Auschwitz that we cannot watch inactively where anti-Semitism, hatred and intolerance occur.”

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