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Cyprus reporter Cyprus reporter
by Euro Reporter
2007-09-30 10:01:51
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The Syrian Boat

Government Spokesman Vassilis Palmas said on Wednesday that Cyprus did not wish for its excellent relations with Syria to be affected by the case of a ship sailing from closed port of Famagusta to a Syrian port, and would exhaust all efforts in order to settle the matter. Palmas also said the issue should be clarified by a meeting on Wednesday in New York between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Syria.

“We have long-standing excellent relations with Syria. Our aim is not to have any disorder,” he said, adding that “of course a very serious problem has arisen and we will try, as the Republic of Cyprus, to exhaust all the margins, through dialogue, on all levels, so that the issue regarding this serious development is settled.” Replying to questions, Palmas said the Government would exhaust all the means at its disposal to create again positive circumstances in the relations of the two countries.

Too much is made of defending the weak and defenceless from Syria. They can support the Palestinians from the invading Israelis and be against their occupation but when it comes to Turks in Cyprus no word about occupation and invasion. But after all if the Turks and especially the occupied part of Cyprus have allies’ dictatorships like the Syrian then …no comments are needed.

Illegal immigration

Cypriot Minister of the Interior Christos Patsalides said on Wednesday that illegal immigration from the Turkish occupied areas of the island was one of the most serious problems faced by the Republic of Cyprus today. Patsalides could not say exactly how many illegal immigrants were crossing the ceasefire line into the government-controlled areas of the Republic every year, noting however that available data indicated that they reached a few thousand.

Most likely they try to escape from …too much freedom in North Cyprus!!!

Occupied areas

The Cypriot Government considers the so-called compensation commission for Greek Cypriot properties in the Turkish occupied areas to be a “gimmick” aimed at causing unrest and problems for the Republic of Cyprus and counterbalancing the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Government Spokesman Vassilis Palmas said on Wednesday.

Commenting on press reports that the so-called commission of the occupation regime had begun notifying the lawyers of Greek Cypriot interested parties that they would soon be summoned to settle their cases, Palmas said the state could not officially know what contacts were being made privately between those wishing for an amicable settlement.

Since when can the thief and rapist… officially settle the case when, first of all, there is nothing official in Northern Cyprus and, secondly, after Saddam invaded Kuwait would the international community let Saddam settle the case with the Kuwaiti people?

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