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Poets at Heroes Acre Poets at Heroes Acre
by Emmanuel Sigauke
2016-05-21 10:05:02
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Exhume poets and bury them
at the Heroes Acre.

Give them space, respect their shivering bones
Rebury them there, those who spoke never to quit
the teeth of whose bones
still gnash not because of Gehena
but by dint of the gritty words
they never chattered out
before Kopje turned turn into grave.

Ah, rebury them at Heroes Acre
Bury them there



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Emanuel Paparella2016-05-22 09:35:03
Indeed, as Aristotle also points out, courage is a virtue and is wisdom which reflects before acting. Activism inciting a revolution without prior reflection is not necessarily virtuous and it may not even be courageous....

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