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And that was August 2007... And that was August 2007...
by The Ovi Team
2007-09-02 09:28:11
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Can I come out from under the table? Has the thunder and lightning finished? I don't know whether you have experienced the same intense storms that hit Helsinki throughout August, but there was certainly some violence in a few of those rumbles and flashes that leaves you feeling kind of insignificant.

The storms weren't the only electric activity in Finland over the past month, with Ovi maintaining the intensity for which it has become infamous. Lightning may not strike in the same place twice, but we had dozens of flashes of genius on Ovi's front page thanks again to our frazzled team of contributors.

We were proud to welcome Matt Williamson onto the team this month and he immediately hit his stride with two pieces of fiction that each deserved a front cover, especially his touching story entitled "Grandfather's treasure". Akli Hadid also joined the team becoming the first contributor based in South Korea and his article "Writing, Language, and Inspiration" received both a front cover and praise from Alexandra Pereira.

The lovely Linda Lane scored a hat-trick of covers this month and if we didn't have some criteria she could have managed a few more. Her Eyes exhibition impressed, her advice on how to sell on art.com was valuable and her words to the University dropout were weighted with sense. All three of these appear within the PDF, so check them out thoroughly.

Emanuel L. Paparella is becoming known as the man with the longest article titles, although the quality of the writing and expression of his opinion has led to some colourful discussions among our other readers to which we can only say: keep up the good work, sir. Elvis Presley and Dustin Hoffman were the focus of Clint Wayne's submissions this month and both were excellent nostalgic pieces that were worthy of being designated as front covers.

Judy Eichstedt's piece entitled "Poverty" touched the hearts of all of our readers and left many of us dealing with a solid lump in our throats. Her poignant description of becoming homeless with her family is heartbreaking and, as Thanos wrote in the comments: I have this feeling that this article should be there every day so more and more people can read it.

Will Martin's camera produced two photo exhibitions - one of Tallinn and the other of Tartu, both in Estonia – and each warranted a cover photograph as well. VisitFinland.com was kind enough to let us use their Helsinki Festival article, we promoted the Sauna World Championships in Finland, and Helsinki Rugby Club updated us on their league's progress.

As for the front cover competition between Asa and Thanos it was a draw this month with seven apiece. Thanos turned his magnifying glass upon the death of Michelangelo Antonioni, the bloodbath in Iraq, Daniel Keyes' 90th birthday, Ian Anderson's 60th birthday, the horror of Darfur, the continuing fires in Greece and BlogDay 2007. Asa, on the other hand, turned his attention to the lovely birthday girl Barbara Windsor, the drawings by Sudan's child refugees, a rare I Spy column, Kevlar school uniforms, an iBite, a 500km charity bike ride and the International Day of the Disappeared.

Overall it was a sparkling month full of creativity and opinion. It was a month in which we published our 2,000th contribution and it was a month in which Nokia announced that their latest enterprise is going to be called…Ovi. It's never dull in the world of Ovi!

The Ovi team

Click here to download the free front covers PDF

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Asa2007-09-01 09:46:42
Where is the year going? It feels like it was only August yesterday...

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-01 14:25:42
To the editors: thanks for the compliment and apologies for the verbosity. Actually, the whole shebang began with one Word, but things have gotten a bit more complicated since. Now, even poets and scientists need more than one word for their poems, and to explain their theories and formulas. That is followed by debates and discussions galore to probe the truth behind those words. I am glad to have contributed something to that process in the Ovi pages. It is that process within the bounds of good manners, not the words per se, that makes it a good magazine. Congratulations and keep it up!

Linda Lane2007-09-01 23:02:52
Funny Paparella. Word :-).

Thank you Asa and Thanos for including me in your magazine with the often lifted name.

It's great to see Chris Wilkinson publishing, and Matt Williamson too!

Judy Eichstedt's piece was very touching.

Hey, where is our man Jan Sand? What is he up to?

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-01 23:28:08
Indeed, Linda Lane, as John puts it: "In the beginning was the Word...". It appears that for John God is a poet and says it all with one Word. Moreover, contrary to our character in bed in Ovi who talks to God and waits for Godot to reply, She also has a great sense of humor and since the creation of the universe via the Word we have all been entertained by its awsomeness. Some are envious and would like to be gods rather than creatures. That explains why they cannot appreciate the holy and the holistic.

Jack2007-09-03 02:21:38
I appreciate what Ovi has literally been, a "door". One into which I have entered in and out of many, having been all the better for it. My many thanks Ovi for the eclectic nature of this open door.

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